10th anniversary of the establishment of the company

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the company and its successful business operation in domestic and foreign markets. The company Varga Elektronik do.o. was established in February 2005 with the aim of providing quality products – both in production and sales. On the Croatian market we have offered top quality industrial electronics from major European manufacturers. Experienced staff and their commitment to bussines over the past 10 years had outstanding results in the midst of the economic crisis that hit Europe and the whole world. Emphasis on quality and highly educated workers has contributed to the current strength of the company that seeks continuous improvement. Our dedicated and quality work has been recognized in the most demanding markets throughout Europe and we are proud to continue to develop, construct, manufacture machines and service facilities throughout Europe.

With constant work and investment in knowledge and quality we are preparing for the future and for the next 10 years of successful business.

During the month of February to honor the occasion of our 10th anniversary of operations we will give a 10% discount to all our existing and new customers an all items.

Your Varga Elektronik team