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Aluminium enclosures

For over 30 years ROLEC have designed and manufactured innovative enclosures for outdoor and indoor industrial applications. Our extensive range features modern ergonomic design with high ingress protection, typically IP66 or IP67 as standard, with IP69K available to order on some models. Each ROLEC enclosure is designed for fast installation of your electronic and electrical components such as PCBs, cable glands, connectors, membrane keypads, chassis plates, terminal rails, switches etc. The enclosures are available in a huge range sizes and styles, and are manufactured in different materials to suit a wide range of applications. The programme includes aluminium, GRP polyester, stainless steel, ABS, polycarbonate and flame retardant and UV-stable ASA+PC enclosures.

All of our enclosures can be supplied fully customised and ready to use. Our factory is equipped to carry out all the modifications you may need. Talk to our sales team for more information.


aluCASE is a highly attractive and very versatile range of diecast aluminium enclosures for industrial electronics. The design is perfect for mounting to a wall or a machine, or for use as a mobile instrument. The enclosures are sealed to IP 67 for indoor and outdoor applications. Hot jet wash IP 69K is also available. The enclosures can be mounted without opening the lid which means your electronics remain protected at all times. Whatever the application, aluCASE provides the very best housing solution for your components.

Designer features include a recessed lid, for fitting a membrane keypad, front plate or product label, clip-on design covers in plastic or aluminium that hide the lid screws and mounting holes, integrated hinges and lid retaining straps (on most models). Two versions are available with transparent lids. Threaded screw bosses are provided in the base and lid for PCBs, mounting plates, DIN rails etc. An optional key lock provides security access. Cable glands and other accessories are also available.

We can supply aluCASE enclosures fully customised to your requirements.


  • CSA (optional)
  • GOST
  • Germanischer Lloyd (optional)
  • UL (optional)

Enclosure sizes

29 sizes
Dimensions (L x W x H) from 75x50x33 mm to 430x300x120 mm

Additional info

  • Can be fastened while enclosure is closed
  • Integrated recess in the lid for a membrane keypad, front plate or label
  • Integrated PP (polypropylene) lid support strap
  • 2 sizes available with transparent lids
  • Clip-on design covers, standard: Plastic POM (polyoxymethylene), similar to RAL 7040 window grey
  • Optional: Anodised aluminium design covers
  • Optional: Exterior hinges made from anodised aluminium with no visible outer screws
  • Optional: Access safeguard by means of key lock


  • Diecast aluminium alloy
  • EN AN-44300 DIN EN 1706
  • (GD Al Si 12/DIN 1725)
  • 1° mould slope for casting ejection > internal circumference dimensions decrease by 1° towards enclosure bottom.


Separate screw channels

Internal mounting

M5 fastening thread on the enclosure base and in the lid

Ingress protection

  • IP 66, IP 67 / EN 60529
  • Optional: IP 69K / DIN 40050


  • TPE moulded gasket, silicone-free, temperature resistance: -40°C to +120°C
  • Optional: Silicone gasket, temperature resistance: -50°C to +140°C

Lid screws

Stainless steel 1.4567, captive


  • Powder coating RAL 7040, window grey
  • Optional: Special colours
  • Optional: Corrosion protection

Other series of aluminum enclosures


An absolute all-rounder in every respect

  • The world’s first round aluminium enclosures for industrial electronics
  • Recessed lids accommodate membrane keypads, front plates or labels
  • The enclosures can be mounted without opening the lid
  • 29 sizes; Dimensions (LxWxH) from 75x50x33 mm to 430x300x120 mm
  • IP66, IP67 / EN 60529, IP69K / ISO 20653

Aluminium enclosures with quick-change mounting device

  • World’s first quick-change enclosures
  • Extra roomy on the inside for the components
  • Fully usable enclosure front area – virtually frameless
  • 3 sizes; Dimensions (LxWxH) from 130x90x70 mm to 200x130x70 mm
  • IP66, IP67 / EN 60529, IP69K / ISO 20653

The plus side of our diecast aluminium enclosures

  • Designer enclosures with technical finesse in industry-standard sizes
  • Recessed lids for fitting membrane keypads, face plates or product labels
  • Enclosures can be mounted without opening the lid
  • 8 sizes; Dimensions (LxWxH) from 125x84x59 mm to 260x160x90 mm
  • IP66, IP67 / EN 60529

Classic, industry standard diecast aluminium enclosures for industrial equipment

  • Inexpensive and highly versatile housings
  • Wide range of standard sizes
  • 24 sizes; Dimensions (LxWxH) from 50x45x30 mm to 600x310x110 mm
  • IP66 / EN 60529

Multivariable diecast aluminium enclosures for industrial equipment

  • Versatile universal design with space-saving single channel fixings
  • Various enclosure combinations available (standard, dual, flat, high)
  • Product has proven itself time and time again
  • 86 sizes; Dimensions (LxWxH) from 50x65x40 mm to 640x320x120 mm
  • IP66, IP67 / EN 60529, NEMA 4

Versatile diecast aluminium enclosures with in-built EMC shielding

  • Inexpensive and robust EMC housings in a useful range of sizes
  • Integrated tooth system between lid and base for bonding
  • No delicate and expensive EMC gaskets required
  • 14 sizes; Dimensions (LxWxH) from 79x84x44 to 268x168x100 mm
  • IP66, IP67 / EN 60529, NEMA 4

Deeply recessed aluminium ‘collar’ enclosures for protecting controls

  • Inexpensive and robust with in-built EMC shielding
  • Ideal for all types of industrial control equipment
  • Special lid with integrated frame protects the control buttons
  • 4 sizes; Dimensions (LxWxH) from 129.8 x 84.8 x 55 mm to 179.8 x 84.8 x 78 mm
  • IP66, IP67 / EN 60529, NEMA 4

The ultimate heavy duty dual-chamber aluminium enclosures

  • Two-chamber design with separate connection spaces
  • Space-saving single-channel fixing technology
  • Also available with front plate for front control panels
  • 4 sizes; Dimensions (LxWxH) from 166x100x55 mm to 240x240x103 mm
  • IP66 / EN 60529