Trafag revolutionises the measuring of highly dynamic pressure curves

Trafag has succeeded in unifying the highly dynamic response behavior of a test bench sensor and the extreme robustness of a mobile hydraulic pressure transmitter by combining thin-film-on-steel measuring cells and an ASIC developed in-house. The Trafag ASIC TX with an innovative parallel mixed-signal structure is the key to a response behavior at nearly unlimited speed. Download file - H70350

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New compact DC/DC converters with high efficiency

In the DIMENSION CD series, Puls offers efficient and robust DC/DC converters for DIN rail mounting with a power range of 92 to 240W. The key features of the devices are high immunity to transients and overvoltages, and backfeeding loads. This means the DC/DC converters actively contribute to increasing system availability. The latest additions to this product series are the CD10.241 (input: 24V; output: 24V / 10A) and the CD10.482 (input: 48V; output: 48V / 5A). Both devices offer a high level of efficiency. At 94.2% (CD10.241) and 95.1% (CD10.482), the devices generate 30% fewer losses than the next closest competitor device. The low losses also facilitate the compact design with a width of just 42mm.…

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Industrial contractors – Comat Releco

RSC/RMC – The reliable industrial contactor High performance, compact shapeSwitching current up to 63 A (AC-3)Extendable with auxiliary contact block and motor protection The industrial contactors from the RSC series and the miniature RMC industrial contactors are reliable switching components for increased loads in industrial environments. Thanks to comprehensive accessories such as auxiliary contacts and motor protection units, they are suitable for versatile applications. RSC With installation widths of 45 mm at nominal currents of 30 A and 65 mm to 63 A (AC-3, motor load), this series is very compact in comparison. RMC The miniature contactors offer high performance with a compact shape. The switching capacity is impressive at 8.5 A / 4 kW…

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Best Practice: Cube67 in use at sortimat Handling Systems

Limited space in the cabinet and on the machine, a desire to shorten installation times and a goal to maximize system availability - these are the challenges the sortimat Handling Systems electrical engineers are facing when designing their systems. With Murrelektronik's Cube system they have found the appropriate installation concept for their handling machines. It’s modularity and flexibility during installation allows a system to be customized to meet a variety of requirements. Sortimat, located in southern Germany, is a leading manufacturer of industrial handling machines for a range of different applications. They produce systems that pack, stack and palletize small parts like tubes or blister packs into bigger units. Because these systems work…

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PCE – Pressure compensation element for cable grommets

Pressure compensation element PCE to avoid water condensation in highly sealed enclosures. For use in cable grommets KT 12 in combination with cable entry frames KEL-ER or cable glands KVT-ER.Air flow: ΔP = 70 mbar, min. 50 l/h Material: Polyamide Flame class: UL94-V0, self-extinguishing Temperature (°C): -40 - 120 °C Properties: Halogen free, Silicone free

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Photoelectric M18 Sensors With IO-Link; Complete family

Many of today’s industries and applications rely on photoelectric sensor technology. Contactless operation and long sensing ranges are ideal for numerous automation tasks, including in the packaging industry. With an integral IO-Link interface, Contrinex sensors bridge the gap between production machines and the digital world for the future industrial Internet of Things (IoT).Small, flexible and easy to integrate into different machine environments: all these requirements are met by the new photoelectric sensors of Contrinex’s short M18 series. This includes reflex, through-beam and diffuse sensors with or without background suppression. The small plastic housings with M18 diameter are only 33 mm long in the cable version or 37 mm in the connector type. Sensors…

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profiPLUS 50 – smart-joints/adapter plates

Smallest mounting dimensions – also for attachment system profiles. In order to connect the profiPLUS 50 to small assembly areas and machines in an optically elegant way, we have developed smart joints. Due to the smallest fastening dimensions it can be attached to the machine body directly. For attachment to engineering profiles e.g. from ITEM, Bosch or similar there is a small adapter plate that matches the shape of the joint. For the adaptation of existing drilling patterns of competition, we offer a customized universal adapter plate with desired drilling pattern. So we can adapt any existing machine drilling. For the adaptation of existing drilling patterns of competition, we offer a customized universal…

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EPLAN: Complete data package for 62 new Puls products

The comprehensive data packages for 62 Puls DIN rail power supplies and supplementary units are now available in the EPLAN Data Portal. This allows you to easily import the standardized product data directly into your CAE project.The Data Portal gives you free access to Puls product master data in six languages along with realistic 3D macros and wiring options for creating circuit diagrams. You will also find construction drawings for assembling and product images. TIP: On the product detail pages of our website you will now find an EPLAN logo beneath the product images. Click on the logo to see the Puls product data directly in the EPLAN Data Portal – quick and…

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Explosion-protected signalling devices and extreme conditions

Signalling even in adverse conditions Safety in gas, dust and vapour atmospheres and in adverse conditions Werma offers a wide range of explosion-protected signal transmitters: from Ex signal towers to visual and acoustic Ex signalling devices. Innovative and reliable Werma products can be used in areas at risk of gas as well as dust explosion (Zone 1 and 2, Zone 21 and 22). All Ex products were developed and designed in accordance with the latest standards and guidelines and have been tested and approved by accredited test institutes.Werma also offers a range of especially robust signalling devices that withstand even the most severe conditions and meet the highest demands.

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Easy parameterization with smartphone app and SMI

The Sensor Master Interface (SMI) is used to set parameters of electronic pressure switches such as switching points, output function and switching delay time as well as to adjust the measuring range of submersible pressure transmitters. By reading the device data, the connected pressure measurement device can be precisely identified and the parameters can be checked. The parameterization of Trafags electronic pressure switches NAT 8252, NAH 8254 as well as NAR 8258 can now be carried out easily and directly on site with the Sensor Master Interface and the corresponding smartphone app. Until now, electronic pressure switches with different device configurations had to be kept in stock. In addition, optimization during system development…

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Cube67 Diagnostics Gateway: Diagnostics Made Easy

Murrelektronik's Cube fieldbus system offers extensive diagnostic options. A new diagnostics gateway makes access to this data even easier. This solution is easy to implement, provides clear information in case of failure and speeds up troubleshooting, resulting in maximum availability of machines and systems. The Cube system from Murrelektronik is a high-performance, decentralized fieldbus system that is used in many machines and systems. It has a modular structure and customized installation concepts can be realized with a large variety of input modules, output modules, mixed modules, and a wide range of function modules (e.g. IO-Link, RS 485, etc.). A one cable system transfers both communication data and supply voltages, whereby up to 32…

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Flexibility meets long distance; Rotatable C44 inductive sensors offer maximum mounting flexibility, long operating distances and IO-Link

Swiss sensor specialist Contrinex has equipped its C44 inductive sensors with an IO-Link interface. These cubic devices with a rotatable head and IP68/IP69K protection rating offer extraordinary flexibility, long sensor life and IoT compatibility for a variety of applications.The rotatable head of C44 inductive sensors allows them to be turned in five directions, providing maximum flexibility during installation. Tool-free mounting minimizes installation time and four LEDs indicate operating status. Connection is through an integral M12 connector. An extended operating temperature of -25 °C to +85 °C (-13 °F to +185 °F) and IP68/IP69K protection rating ensure reliable switching, even in harsh environments. Thanks to operating distances up to 40 mm, mechanical damage can…

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Service box for QT cable grommets

The QT ServiceBox is perfect for installations and service calls. It ensures your QT grommetsare readily available. Content* : Cable grommets:210× QT for cables 1 - 15 mm10× QTB blank grommetsCable entry components:5× KEL-QTA 50 A cable entry plates1× KEL-QTA 32 A cable entry plate1× KEL-QTA 24|2-DP 18 A cable entry plate1× KEL-QTA 10|1-DP 18 A cable entry plate1× KEL-QUICK 24|10 cable entry frame1× QVT 25 split cable gland1× QVT-CLICK 32 split cable glandAccessories:1× Cable template *Subject to alterations Specifications: Material: ElastomerColor: grey (similar RAL 7035)Flame class: UL94-V0, self-extinguishingTemperature (°C): -40 - +90 °CProperties: Halogen free, Silicone free Convenient - everything available right away! Order No. 88005

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Switch to PROFINET Made Easy!

Murrelektronik is the ideal partner to get your machines and plants ready for the future by switching over from PROFIBUS to PROFINET In modern production networks, machines and plants need to be connected to one another. Processes can be aligned down to the smallest detail to allow for high automation levels and short lead times. At the same time, our products enable network structures that often undergo frequent maintenance, due to new robots with frequent tool changes or add-ons during operation. These are a few reasons installation concepts based on PROFIBUS inevitably hit a wall. However, this can be resolved with with PROFINET. This established, proven and readily available technology enables effective and efficient…

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Signalling under hygienic conditions

Cleanroom and food industry Hygienic Design A hygienic design refers to the design of machinery and components that are easy to clean and maintain in a hygienic condition for use in areas where hygiene is a priority. The aim is to prevent design deficiencies that promote hygiene-related hazards or the risk of infection. The CleanSIGN signal tower was specially developed and constructed by Werma for use in cleanrooms, the food industry and areas with strict hygiene requirements.Takes into account EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group)Document 8 and 13, Machinery Directive 2006/42/ECMeets air purity class 2 in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14644-1 for clean rooms CleanSIGN - Pre-assembled Signal Tower Your benefits…

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Long-range photoelectric sensor counts shrink-wrapped carton packs

During high-volume confectionery packaging operations, conveyors deliver stacked cartons to shrink-wrapping stations. At each station, a wrapping machine encloses a stack in heat-shrink film and an infrared oven shrinks the film to form a sealed pack of carton. A long-distance through-beam photoelectric sensor, mounted beside the conveyor, senses the presence of each pack as it leaves the oven and signals a plant-wide control system to increment the production throughput totals. Customer Values Reliable long-range item counting on a non-contact basisImproved data accuracy arising from real-time, error-free pack detectionIncreased productivity as stability alarm flags preventative-maintenance needsSingle sensor accommodates a range of carton sizes without repositioning Specific Product Advantages Maximum sensing range of 30,000mm with…

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Setting new standards: The split KVT-ER cable gland

IP66/IP68 cable gland for cables with & without connectors Split cable gland KVT-ER sets new standards in connectorised cable routing By introducing the all-new split cable gland KVT-ER icotek is setting new standards in connectorised cable entry. The KVT-ER cable gland is a liquid and dust proof (IP66/IP68), rugged, easy-to-install and comparatively very cost-effective solution for routing, sealing and strain relief of cables with or without preassembled connectors. Cable routing, sealing & strain relief KVT-ER is a split cable gland for routing and sealing cables with connectors or complete cable harnesses. But also electric, pneumatic or hydraulic lines without terminals or connectors as well as corrugated conduits can be easily routed (e.g. into…

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Power supply CP20.241: 24V, 20A

With its efficiency of 95.6% and a width of only 48mm the CP20.241 sets the new benchmarks in the 480W class. Outstanding peak efficiency of 95.6%Only 22.1W power losses @ AC 230V and full load 20% power boostOutput power reserves can be used continuously at temperatures up to +45°C Efficient parallel useIntegrated current sharing feature Long lifetime>9 years @ AC 230V, full load and +40°C Very compact designWidth only 48mm Wide operating temperature range-25°C to +70°C (Derating: 12W/° at >+60°C) Various connection terminalsUnits with screw, spring-clamp or push-in terminals available

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Eco-Rail-2: Focus on the essentials

Eco-Rail-2 power supply units offer manufacturers of machinery and control cabinets the possibility to supply power to their consumers flexibly and economically. These units provide basic functionality creating a solution with the optimum price-performance ratio for numerous applications. Demands on the power supply market are steadily increasing. Maximum efficiency and constant performance even at high temperatures are a must. Diagnostic and communication facilities are also increasingly in demand as the components are integrated into higher-level networks and become part of Industry 4.0 applications. Murrelektronik offers advanced high-performance solutions to meet these requirements. At the same time, "classic" applications still exist – without such increased requirements. In such applications, electrical engineer does not have…

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RFID reader – complementary to the RONTRON-R-JUWEL control units

RFID technologies with 13.56 MHz Data interface USB / RS232 Mounting diameter Ø 22.3 mm / Ø 30.5 mm Electronic access control and access authorisation Available in silver-coloured, black or stainless steel Accesories additional LED light ring for status indiction RFID tag holder with LED status indication

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