UB40.241 – DC-UPS control unit

24V, 40A for battery sizes from 12Ah to 200Ah Technical data DC Input voltage: DC 24V (± 25%)Int. current consumption (incl. charging current): 3.2 / 6.2ANominal voltage: 24VdcOutput current: 40AOutput power: 960WDerating: 24W/°C for +50 to +70°CStorage element: External lead acid batteryAllowed battery size: 12Ah - 200AhTemperature tracking of the end-of-charge voltage: automatically with temp. sensorDimensions (WxHxD): 46mm x 124mm x 127mmWeight per unit (excl. packaging): 530gMounting method: DIN railOperating temperature range: -25°C to 70°CConnection method: Screw terminals Features 1-Battery-Concept - Each 12V battery is charged and monitored separately for longest battery life, matching of batteries not necessaryOutput is decoupled from the input to separate load circuits into buffered and non-buffered sectionsAllows VRLA…

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PISA-B – The next generation of electronic circuit breakers

The all new PISA-B multi-channel electronic circuit breakers help you to optimize the availability of your DC 24V systems right away and grow with your application. Protect Inform Secure Assist Selective tripping of overloaded channels In the event of a fault, PISA-B disconnects the affected channels only and ensures constant power supply to the remaining loads. This means individual faulty connections can be rapidly identified, isolated and rectified. Two different output types PISA-B features two types of output channels. Channel 1 and 2 are ideal for high capacitive loads up to 100mF and allow peak currents up to 12 A. Standard loads with up to 20mF can be connected to channels 3 to…

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New 480W power supply for marine applications

The 24V, 20A DIN rail power supply CP20.245-R2 was developed for on- and offshore use in the marine and process industry. The marine-compliant power supply meets the high requirements of EMC class B without external filters and can be used directly in bridge and deck applications. The CP20.245-R2 features the perfect electronical and mechanical design for the rough environmental conditions at sea and on the coast. The power supply is characterized by its high immunity to transients and voltage peaks as well as its robust aluminum housing. The device provides the full output power of 480W even with fluctuating ambient temperatures between -40°C and + 60°C. The extensive approval package includes Marine DNV,…

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Puls Dimension – CP20.248

The Dimension CP-Series are cost optimized power supplies without compromising quality, reliability and performance. The most outstanding features of this series are the high efficiency, electronic inrush current limitation, active PFC, wide operational temperature range and the extraordinary small size. The CP20.248 is a DIN-rail mountable single-phase-input power supply, which provides a floating, stabilized and galvanically separated SELV/PELV output voltage. The device has a condition display integrated which shows real-time and recorded data informing about the condition of the power supply and the power line. A DC OK signal, an alarm signal and remote ON/OFF make the unit suitable for many applications, where preventive function monitoring and remote control can help to avoid…

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FIEPOS – IP54, IP65 and IP67 field power supplies

The decentralized FIEPOS power supplies with high protection classes IP54, IP65 or IP67 were developed for flexible use directly in the field. 300W or 500WFor 1-phase or 3-phase systems IP54, IP65 or IP67Reliable protection against dust and water Eco-friendly design Current-limited outputsSelective power distribution and protection LED interfaceImmediate diagnosis in the field Decentralization.Field power supplies. The need for flexible, modular systems shapes machine and system engineering. Decentralization of the system components has proven to be an important factor for success. It speeds up system planning, simplifies maintenance and enables an easy expansion of the system. In addition, control cabinets can be replaced by smaller versions or even completely dismantled. With FIEPOS, short for…

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Puls power supply data for the new EPLAN Data Standard

As one of the first manufacturers, Puls already provides the data for its latest DIN rail power supplies in the new standard. The optimized data standard is intended to standardize the component data available in the EPLAN Data Portal. Consistently high data quality facilitates the design of a digital twin of the cabinet and helps to automate CAE processes. For example, cable lengths can be calculated automatically, the reliable total weight of the control cabinet can be determined, or complete BOMs can be exported. Puls supports these innovations from the beginning and offers exact macros, detailed 3D files and connection diagrams for its latest DIN rail power supplies, such as PIM90.241, QT40.241-B2 and…

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Compact 36W, 60W and 90W DIN rail power supplies with basic functionality

The latest and smallest representatives of the PIANO product family are currently the 24V DIN rail power supplies PIM36 (36W - coming soon), PIM60 (60W) and PIM90 (90W). Mini power supplies. New space opportunities. The new PIANO Mini (PIM) power supplies create space in your systems or machines and allow you a more flexible planning. A 90W DIN rail power supply in a 36x90x91mm (WxHxD) housing is currently unique in the market. The width of the 36W version is only 22.5mm - so literally a thumb's width. This results in completely new space opportunities for you. Focus on core features. The most important characteristic of the PIANO devices is their focus on the…

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CP5 series: Wide range of new 120W DIN rail power supplies

In the 120W power class, the new CP5.121 (12V, 10A) and CP5.241 (24V, 5A) power supplies are setting new benchmarks. With a width of just 32mm and a reduced depth of 102mm, this is the most compact DIN rail power supply in this performance class. The lifetime of the 24V version is 166,000 hours* and the 12V version achieves a minimum of 110,000 hours – in both cases under extreme conditions of 230Vac, continuous full load and +40°C ambient temperature. Advanced topology These high values are achieved using an LLC resonance converter. This advanced converter topology is atypical for a 120W power supply. The result sets a new record in efficiency levels for 120W power supplies: 94.0% (CP5.121) and 94.3% (CP5.241) and puts both…

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Industrial PoE+ injectors

The 4- or 8-channel solutions are available with an integrated Puls high-end power supply or as standalone PoE injectors. Both devices feature a stable power of up to 30W per channel. This enables you to supply up to 8 PoE/PoE+ devices with only one injector.The all-in-one device with an included AC/DC converter adds some extra benefits. It can be connected directly to the AC mains, permitting a simplified system structure. Previously at least two devices were needed to achieve this result.The underlying trusted power supply CP10.481 provides an outstanding efficiency of 95.5%. That means less power losses and results in significantly lower temperatures in your application. You will benefit from cost savings for…

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The first DIN rail power supplywith an integrated IO-Link port

The power supply is placed at a central nodal point in the system. There is more than just current flowing. A power supply records a significant amount of real-time information that is of particular interest to the operating firm as well as the system manufacturer. This data can help increase system availability and reduce maintenance and operating costs. This means the power supply has the potential – in parallel with its function as a converter – to also act as a sensor and therefore make a significant contribution to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The DIMENSION QT40.241-B2 sees PULS bringing to market the first 3-phase DIN rail power supply (24V/40A) that makes…

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New compact DC/DC converters with high efficiency

In the DIMENSION CD series, Puls offers efficient and robust DC/DC converters for DIN rail mounting with a power range of 92 to 240W. The key features of the devices are high immunity to transients and overvoltages, and backfeeding loads. This means the DC/DC converters actively contribute to increasing system availability. The latest additions to this product series are the CD10.241 (input: 24V; output: 24V / 10A) and the CD10.482 (input: 48V; output: 48V / 5A). Both devices offer a high level of efficiency. At 94.2% (CD10.241) and 95.1% (CD10.482), the devices generate 30% fewer losses than the next closest competitor device. The low losses also facilitate the compact design with a width of just 42mm.…

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EPLAN: Complete data package for 62 new Puls products

The comprehensive data packages for 62 Puls DIN rail power supplies and supplementary units are now available in the EPLAN Data Portal. This allows you to easily import the standardized product data directly into your CAE project.The Data Portal gives you free access to Puls product master data in six languages along with realistic 3D macros and wiring options for creating circuit diagrams. You will also find construction drawings for assembling and product images. TIP: On the product detail pages of our website you will now find an EPLAN logo beneath the product images. Click on the logo to see the Puls product data directly in the EPLAN Data Portal – quick and…

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Power supply CP20.241: 24V, 20A

With its efficiency of 95.6% and a width of only 48mm the CP20.241 sets the new benchmarks in the 480W class. Outstanding peak efficiency of 95.6%Only 22.1W power losses @ AC 230V and full load20% power boostOutput power reserves can be used continuously at temperatures up to +45°CEfficient parallel useIntegrated current sharing featureLong lifetime>9 years @ AC 230V, full load and +40°CVery compact designWidth only 48mmWide operating temperature range-25°C to +70°C (Derating: 12W/° at >+60°C)Various connection terminalsUnits with screw, spring-clamp or push-in terminals available Get more information about the CP20.241 .

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New power supply CP5.241: 24V, 5A

The 120W DIN rail power supply features an extra-long lifetime of more than 131,000 hours, an efficiency of 94.3% and a reduced size - width 32mm and depth only 102mm. Reliable, efficient and robust: Extra-long lifetime: >131,000 hours (AC 230V, full load, +40°C)High efficiency level of 94.3%Space-saving design20% power boostSafety featuresWide operating temperature rang Learn more about the new CP5.241.

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CP10.241-60: DC/DC converter for railway applications

The new Puls CP10.241-60 is a reliable, EN 50155-certified and highly efficient DC/DC converter for railway applications. Reliable, efficient and robust: 100% higher mains failure bridging time than required by railway standard EN 50155 (S2) Input voltage: DC 110V (-30%/+40%), 0.1s 66Vdc (-40%)Efficiency: 94.5%Operating temperature range: -40°C to +70°C without derating (+85°C for 10 min.)Weather-resistant: PC boards with a conformal coating and spring clamp terminalsMinimal noise generation: 100% convection-cooledFlexible use, rapid replacement: DIN rail mounting EN 50155-certified EN 50155 Electronic equipment used on rolling stock classified according to T3, TX, C2 and S2EN 61373 Shock and vibration tests classified according to Cat.1, Class BEN 50121-3-2 EMC requirementsEN 45545-2 Fire protection on railway vehicle according to Hazard Level HL3 Learn more about the new…

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Power supply PIC480.241C: 24V, 20A

A powerful 24V, 20A DIN rail power supply (PIC480.241C) complements the successful 120W and 240W PIANO versions Cost-oriented power supply: AC 200-240V input voltageHigh efficiency: 95.7% at 230V and full loadAbsolute reliability: MTBF SN 29500, IEC 61709 at 40°C of 482.000hRobust housing: High-grade, shock-resistant polycarbonate housingDC-OK relay contact: DC-OK signal can be reported via a floating relay contactExtraordinarily compact design: Width only 49mmOutput: 24-28V DC, 20-17.1A, 480WInput: AC 200-240V (± 10%)Size (WxHxD): 49 x 124 x 124mmWeight: 620g See more information about the PIC480.241C

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CP10.241-M1: DIN rail power supply for medical technology

The CP10.241-M1 is a 240W DIN rail power supply with 2MOPP safety approval for medical applications according to IEC 60601-1, 3rd edition. Safety first IEC 60601-1, 3rd Edition: Requirements for electrical safety of patients and operators.2 MOPP (Means Of Patient Protection): A duplicate measure for patient protection.IEC 60601-1-2, 4th Edition: EMC tested for medical use. Fast and flexible installation Quick-connect spring-clamp terminals and flexible DIN rail mounting. 100% convection cooled Due to the high efficiency of 95.2% and the low power losses, less heat is generated in the system. This makes unreliable and noisy mechanical fans in the power supply unnecessary. Long lifetime The CP10.241-M1 is optimized for many years of use in…

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Reliable and service-free buffer module for 24V-systems

The new capacitor buffer module UF40.241, from Puls, is a supplementary device which can bridge voltage dip or loss for regulated DC 24V power supplies. The already successful 20A module is now also available for 40A applications. The UF40.241 can seamlessly bridge failures of the DC voltage supply system and can also extend the hold-up time after loss of the AC mains voltage.Depending on the output current the minimum hold-up time can be 160ms at 40A and goes up to several seconds at lower loads. Especially in regions with poor mains quality, the buffer module can help to uphold the supply voltage so process data can be saved and processes can be completed in a controlled…

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Cost-optimised 24V, 10A power supply with high-end performance

Puls successful product family, PIANO, provides quality and reliability at a high-end level for an extraordinary price-performance ratio. A new 24V, 10A DIN rail power supply (PIC240.241D) with 100-240V wide range input supplements the PIANO portfolio of Puls from now on. The power supply is best-in-class in all essential characteristics. The above-average efficiency of 94.8% and lifetime of 74,000 hours (with full load at an input voltage of 230 VAC and 40°C ambient temperature) are unique in this price range. The terminals are robust and a DC-OK signal relay contact is included as standard.The low power losses enable new, cost-saving design principles without sacrificing the high quality standards set by Puls. This device…

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Diode redundancy module increases supply reliability

The new, cost-effective diode redundancy module (PIRD20.241) in the PIANO range from manufacturer Puls allows users to build reliable 1+1 or N+1 systems and ensure their operational reliability. The module can be used in either a 2x 10A or 1x 20A configuration, ensures safe decoupling of parallel connected power supplies and is quickly integrated into the system. The input voltage is permitted to be between 9V and 35V and power supplies with both constant current and hiccup overload behaviour are permissible. The wide temperature range of -40°C to +55°C without derating and the narrow width of 39mm permit problem-free use in a wide range of application areas. The PIRD20.241 is the perfect supplementary…

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