SCHLEGEL’s new USB-charging jacks – Double the charge

DUERMENTINGEN - Mobile devices are part of our everyday life and have to be available everytime, everywhere. It is all the more important to recharge the battery in time and fast. Our new and very powerful charging jacks fulfil these requirements. The USB jacks are available in 3 different versions with 2 USB ports each, combinations of USB-A and USB-C: A/A, A/C and C/C. The USB-A port supplies up to 2.4 A and the USB-C port up to 3 A of charging rate at 5 V. This enables charging of two devices at the same time. But not only the charging capacity is convincing, the scope of functions for safe operations is as…

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Protection cap made of stainless steel

In order to protect panel mount jacks and pushbuttons or switches from liquids and dirt, SCHLEGEL has developed a protection cap made of stainless steel. It is also suitable for hygienic applications and is designed with appealing details. Quite often, it is necessary to protect pushbuttons and switches on a control system or machine from external influences like liquids or dirt - more so when the degree of protection is lower due to constructional factors. The cap SDVA22RRP is compensating this deficiency. The degrees of protection of the cap are IP66 and IP69K, which means a protection against dust and water. It can also be exposed to high-pressure cleaning. The dimensions of the…

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Schlegel panel socket

Fast and versatile: Schlegel has expanded his panel socket range by two variants with the practical M12 connection for the 22.3 mm panel opening. The connections are A-coded and designed as a 4- or 5-pin socket on the front. On the back, the connection is made via an open cable end (strands). The M12 built-in sockets can be used in a temperature range from -25° C to 80° C (-5° C to 80° C with moving use). In addition to the built-in sockets with a silver-colored front frame, this is now also available in black or made of stainless steel. If you want to know more - click here:

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Rotary knob with integrated potentiometer

As of now, Schlegel offers switches with integrated potentiometers for its Shorton connect series. Potentiometers are available with the following resistance values: 1 kΩ, 5 kΩ, 10 kΩ or 50 kΩ. The connection is provided via a 4-pole M12 connector, A coded. The rotary knobs are designed for temperature ranges from -20°C to 70°C; the degree of protection is IP66/IP69K in the front and IP65 on the rear side, when connected. The mechanical life is up to 100.000 rotation cycles with a rotation angle of 260°. On the screw connection a nominal voltage of max. 160 volts with a nominal capacity of max. 0.1 watts can be applied. The mounting depth is 37.5…

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For a machine’s life-long application

Harvesting machines, drills, special transporters or snow removal machines: Those machines face harsh and inhospitable conditions. However, not all of the used technical parts are proofed against such demanding environments. For the emergency-stop safety area, there is now a solution: The companies Data Panel and Schlegel joined forces and developed an especially robust emergency-stop that withstands even the hardest of operating conditions. Mobile machines operating in outdoor areas and dealing with weather or excessive cleaning have to be prepared for such applications - which is not always the case, confirms Data Panel CEO Jörg Krautter, "The feedback from the market was more than clear." This feedback kick-started the whole emergency-stop project: "The requirement…

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Emergency-stop with 4 NC contacts

New e-stops for KOMBITAST series - 2 versions with M12 connection Schlegel expands its KOMBITAST series by four new emergency-stops. This expansion includes e-stops with 4 NC contacts, one with Faston terminals and one with PCB connection, as well as two further ones with 5-pole M12 connectors. For most applications, 2 NC contacts and 1 NO are enough. For special applications requiring more than 2 NC contacts, the new e-stops KRVK4O with Faston terminals or KRVK4OP with PCB connection, each with 4 NC contacts, are the best choice. Customers with M12 technology will also find a suitable solution: KRVKOO_C111 with 2 NC contacts or KRVKOOI_C112 with 2 NC and 1 NO contacts. The M12…

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Pilot light with 7 colours

It is made in the RONTRON-R-JUWEL design and includes a RGB-SMD LED. Besides the option to choose between 7 colours, the illumination uniformity and the depth of colour have become even more homogeneous and intense. The standard colours are white, red, green, blue, yellow, magenta and cyan, but it is possible to access the whole RGB colour range, using a PWM signal (pulse width modulation). The pilot light is easily connected via the SMD flat clamp, just inserting the cable. The clamp ensures the connection and keeps the cable in place. A safety diode protects the LED against damage in case of improper connection of the cable. The new RGB pilot light is…

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Robust and safe: Schlegel emergency-stop switches

In dangerous situations, emergency-stop switches can protect from serious injuries or even safe life. Schlegel emergency-stops convince customers in the whole world: Mechanical robustness, outstanding functionality and safety as well as the attractive design are good arguments for using our emergency-stop switches. Our switches are TÜV certified and available in different shapes, dimensions and suitable for our standard and AS-Interface contact blocks. Emergency-stops with illuminated status indication active/inactive In order to avoid the mixing up of active and inactive emergency-stops it was necessary until recently to lock away or cover the inactive emergency-stop to make it unrecognisable as soon as the relating operating panel or plant part was no longer connected to the…

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proboxx – Synergy of design and function

Flexible, functional und elegant - these are the characteristics featuring our new enclosure series proboxx made in Dürmentingen. With the new product line we - the expert for pushbuttons and switches - are complementing our portfolio of enclosures by a particularly classy and also practical variant making daily work easier. We currently offer the proboxx as empty enclosure or also as assembled variant. The assembled variant is available for four different systems. Simple The enclosures are quick and easy to assemble thanks to the new innovative mounting mechanism. Functional direct integration in IO-Link or AS-Interface systemsasymmetric fixing for safety gatesoptional, flexible labelling option Plug & Work Simply to connect with M12 connection, no…

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SHORTRON ® connect – small & robust

SHORTRON ® connectFRONT DIMENSION: Ø 28 mmPANEL CUT-OUT: Ø 22.3 mmFRONT BEZEL HEIGHT: 2 mmTRAVEL: 2,3 mm small + quick + efficient = SHORTRON ® SimplicityQuick and easy installation with M12 connector. EfficiencyNo enclosure necessary, low cabling effort, time-saving installation, also possible without technical staff. SafetyHigh degree of protection IP65/IP67 in the front and on the rear. Anti-rotation/reverse polarity protection thanks to the M12 connector. HarmonyColour design of the pushbuttons and switches with black, silver-coloured or stainless steel front ring. Pleasant illumination on the variants with illumination option. CompactnessLow space requirement thanks to the compact construction with less mounting depth. height: 33,7 mm FunctionalityHigh mechanical and electrical lifetime, pleasant and perceptible switching characteristic.…

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RFID reader – complementary to the RONTRON-R-JUWEL control units

RFID technologies with 13.56 MHz Data interface USB / RS232 Mounting diameter Ø 22.3 mm / Ø 30.5 mm Electronic access control and access authorisation Available in silver-coloured, black or stainless steel Accesories additional LED light ring for status indiction RFID tag holder with LED status indication

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Membrane pushbutton head with plastic front ring – IP69k

Supplement to the range Rontron-R-Juwel mounting diameter Ø 22.3 mm easy to clean degree of protection IP66/IP67/IP69k hygienic approval acc. to GS-NV6 * suitable for different contact blocks with illumination and labelling option defined tactile pressure point membrane available in different colours * in preparation

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Very compact control unit series – mYnitron – panel cut-out ø 16.2 mm

active illuminated emergency-stop with status indication acc. to EN ISO 13850:2015 tactile pushbutton (35V / 1 NO) illuminated defined tactile pressure point various labelling options lenses in different colours front rings silver-coloured or black

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Active-illuminated emergency-stop with diagnostic unit

active red illuminated emergency-stop acc. to EN ISO 13850:2015 anti-lock collar yellow illuminated the emergency-stop is only illuminated in active condition, in inactive condition it is not identifiable as emergency-stop the diagnostic unit is constantly monitoring the illumination status in case of failure of the illumination the emergency-stop signal is activated immediately M12 connection for a quick mounting degree of protection IP65 panel solution also possible

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Quick and easy connection – actuators with M12 connector, also sealed on the rear

Quick and easy connection - actuators with M12 connector, also sealed on the rear degree of protection IP65/IP67 on the front and on the rear integrated strain relief PUR cable (25 cm or 150 cm long) with M12 connector mounting diameter Ø 22.3 mm available as pushbutton, selector switch, key switch (in different versions)

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Active illuminated safety emergency-stop with status indication active/inactive

mounting diameter Ø 22.3 mm with status indication (active/inactive) in acc. with ISO13850:2015(E), EN 13850:2016 easily visible delivery without external LED monitoring unit LED: 24V DC/18mA Faston connection 2.8x0.8 mm with switching position indicator foolproof degree of protection IP65 available with 2 NC possible use, p. ex.: pluggable operation stations wireless operation stations pluggable plant parts

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Stainless steel enclosure and adapter ring

Completely assembled stainless steel enclosure for wall and profile mounting Robust stainless steel square profile V2A, 40x40 mm (wall thickness 2 mm) Designed for wall and profile mounting (incl. slot nuts) For 1 to 6 actuators Equipped with actuators of the Shortron range Degree of protection IP54/IP65 With M12 connector (1-3 actuators) or direct wiring via cable gland (4-6 actuators) Adapter ring for series KOMBITAST-R-JUWEL for the fixing of all panel mount jacks of the series Rontron-R-Juwel in a panel cut-out Ø 30.5 mm Ø 30.5 to Ø 22.3 mm

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Compact Emergency-Stop Switch

Compact Emergency-Stop Switch - Very compact Emergency-Stop Switch for Ø16,2 mm holes Installation diameter of Ø16,2 mm Emergency-Stop function in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13850/DIN EN 60947-5-5 Flat connection 2,8x0,5 mm With switch position indication Foolproof Protection level IP65/67 Can be illuminated Possible configurations up to: 2 NO and 1 NC contacts

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Shortron – Small and Effficient

With the unique and compact Design – Concept the Shortron series SCHLEGEL sets new frontiers. The whole series is manufactured in order to provide as shortrer switches as possible. The switches are only 2 mm high with the working distance of 2,3 mm with extreme small dimension for built in from 9 do max. 16 mm. Functionality and design of the new series is oriented to industries which are concerned and are leaning to creative design of their control panels. Additional possibilities with the design are possible by using different rings which are available in different colors. Wide repertoar of functions in this series is covered with the standard push buttons (illuminated and…

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