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New compact DC/DC converters with high efficiency

In the DIMENSION CD series, Puls offers efficient and robust DC/DC converters for DIN rail mounting with a power range of 92 to 240W.

The key features of the devices are high immunity to transients and overvoltages, and backfeeding loads. This means the DC/DC converters actively contribute to increasing system availability. The latest additions to this product series are the CD10.241 (input: 24V; output: 24V / 10A) and the CD10.482 (input: 48V; output: 48V / 5A).

Both devices offer a high level of efficiency. At 94.2% (CD10.241) and 95.1% (CD10.482), the devices generate 30% fewer losses than the next closest competitor device. The low losses also facilitate the compact design with a width of just 42mm. The minimal size permits uncomplicated installation in decentralised on-site switchboxes and save valuable space on the DIN rail.
All DC/DC converters in the CD series deliver a potential-free, stabilised and galvanically isolated SELV / PELV output voltage and are suitable for a vast range of tasks in the system. For example, they can be used to generate a stabilised direct voltage in battery-operated applications.

Thanks to galvanic isolation they are also ideally suited for the installation of independent supply systems. This factor is of particular relevance for safety-critical applications such as maritime and railway applications or the processing industries.

The DC/DC converters in the CD series can also be used to freshen up the control voltage at the end of long cable runs. This means that voltage drops can be compensated and system availability increased. For the reliable starting of larger loads, there is an available power reserve of 20% up to a temperature of +45°C. If a continuously higher output power is required, multiple devices of the same type can also be connected in parallel.