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CP5 series: Wide range of new 120W DIN rail power supplies

In the 120W power class, the new CP5.121 (12V, 10A) and CP5.241 (24V, 5A) power supplies are setting new benchmarks. With a width of just 32mm and a reduced depth of 102mm, this is the most compact DIN rail power supply in this performance class.

The lifetime of the 24V version is 166,000 hours* and the 12V version achieves a minimum of 110,000 hours – in both cases under extreme conditions of 230Vac, continuous full load and +40°C ambient temperature.

Advanced topology

These high values are achieved using an LLC resonance converter. This advanced converter topology is atypical for a 120W power supply. The result sets a new record in efficiency levels for 120W power supplies: 94.0% (CP5.121) and 94.3% (CP5.241) and puts both power supplies from this series at the forefront of the compact class.  

Lightweight design

Due to the high efficiency level, less power losses and thus less heat is generated. That enables the compact device design. No additional heat sink is required as the aluminium housing performs this function. Despite the robust metal housing, the power supplies are incredibly lightweight at just 440g. The low weight means less load on the DIN rail and guarantees a secure hold, even with significant shocks and vibrations.

Various versions available from stock

* The manufacturer of the electrolytic capacitors only guarantees a maximum life of up to 15 years (131,400h). Any number exceeding this value is a calculated theoretical lifetime which can be used to compare devices.