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Efficient redundancy through MOSFET technology

The new and extremely space-saving DIN rail MOSFET redundancy modules from Puls are now available for N+1 and 1+1 redundant systems. Available output voltages include: 12–18V for 2x20A and 2x40A redundancy and 24-56V for 2x20A redundancy.A unique feature of the YR40.245 module adds a Hot-Swappable connector which enables the power supply or redundancy module to be exchanged even during operation.

The Puls MOSFET redundancy modules are extremely energy efficient with only 1.7W no-load losses at nominal load and symmetrical current distribution in redundancy mode (max. 2.9W). A special emphasis has also been placed on a very low voltage drop between input and output, which lies between 49mV and 80mV for 1+1 redundancy operation and balanced input currents. The units deliver full power at ambient temperatures between -40°C and +60°C and they can be loaded at 160% of the peak current for up to 5 seconds. Redundant wiring on the output can be achieved by the simple addition of two cables due to the extra-large output terminals. Negative polarity input terminals are also included which makes traditional external distribution terminals obsolete.

With the addition of the YR product series, Puls now offers a wide selection of redundancy solutions to accompany its extensive power supply portfolio. Including a redundancy module in your system ensures safe and efficient decoupling while connecting power supplies in parallel provides symmetrical load distributions which can more than double your system’s lifetime expectancy.