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Emergency-stop with 4 NC contacts

New e-stops for KOMBITAST series – 2 versions with M12 connection

Schlegel expands its KOMBITAST series by four new emergency-stops. This expansion includes e-stops with 4 NC contacts, one with Faston terminals and one with PCB connection, as well as two further ones with 5-pole M12 connectors.

For most applications, 2 NC contacts and 1 NO are enough. For special applications requiring more than 2 NC contacts, the new e-stops KRVK4O with Faston terminals or KRVK4OP with PCB connection, each with 4 NC contacts, are the best choice.

Customers with M12 technology will also find a suitable solution: KRVKOO_C111 with 2 NC contacts or KRVKOOI_C112 with 2 NC and 1 NO contacts. The M12 connections are A coded and the pin assignment is based on AIDA.

The pushbuttons and switches of the KOMBITAST series are made for mounting holes of 30.5 mm and in accordance with EN ISO 13850. The emergency-stops are IP65 and have a lifetime of 50,000 switching cycles. The voltage and current values of the M12 variants are 35V and 2A AC/DC, while the values of the variants with 4 NC contacts are 240V / 1,5A AC und 24V / 2A DC. All normally closed contacts (NC) are positive opening contacts according to EN 60947-5-1.