Emparro HD: Perfectly Engineered to Demanding Ambient Conditions

Emparro HD: Perfectly Engineered to Demanding Ambient Conditions

Maintenance doesn’t necessarily enjoy climbing on a shifting crane in wind and weather to replace a defective power supply unit. Murrelektronik’s new Emparro HD switched power supply is the solution to this problem! The module is engineered for extremely harsh ambient conditions. Emparro HD assures a reliable supply of electricity with a long service life.

Emparro HD can be used in areas where power supply units may be installed in a control cabinet, but are still exposed to harsh environmental influences, for example on spreaders (lifting equipment for container handling), construction cranes and internal conveyor technology (intralogistics). Here the power supply units are often constantly in motion and are exposed to high induction voltages or tough weather, such as extreme temperatures and high humidity.

Emparro HD provides reliable power in these conditions:The power supply withstands vibration and shock because it features a compact design and is fully potted. Instead of being installed on the DIN rail, it is fastened in the control cabinet with screws to better withstand vibration.Emparro HD can handle overvoltage because it features robust components. It resists induction-voltages peaks and lightning strikes in closer proximity. In worst case scenarios, the internal device fuse trips. The fuse is located on the outside of the housing and can be replaced by hand. This means the device does not need to be opened or even sent in for repair.Oversized leash terminals allow for quick locking, even when wearing gloves, and no tools are needed.Emparro HD operates in extreme temperatures of -40 to +80 °C and with a high degree of efficiency. It’s high performance capacity emits very little heat, even at high temperatures.The power supply has a high MTBF value of 1,000,000 hours, an indicator for the longevity of the device, which helps prevent downtimes. The switch mode power supply has diagnostic functions including an alarm contact and an LED status indicator on the device.

Emparro HD is already being used successfully in customer applications from Murrelektronik, putting it to the test. It operates at a voltage of 24 V and provides a rated current of 10 A.

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