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Industrial PoE+ injectors

The 4- or 8-channel solutions are available with an integrated Puls high-end power supply or as standalone PoE injectors. Both devices feature a stable power of up to 30W per channel. This enables you to supply up to 8 PoE/PoE+ devices with only one injector.
The all-in-one device with an included AC/DC converter adds some extra benefits. It can be connected directly to the AC mains, permitting a simplified system structure. Previously at least two devices were needed to achieve this result.
The underlying trusted power supply CP10.481 provides an outstanding efficiency of 95.5%. That means less power losses and results in significantly lower temperatures in your application. You will benefit from cost savings for your cooling system.
In addition lower temperatures lead to a higher reliability (MTBF 699,000h) and longer service life (120,000h) of the power supply.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Power up to 8 devices with only one PoE+ injector
    Puls PoE injectors are equipped with up to 8 ports. Each port delivers a power of 30W (25.5W at load) and is compliant to IEEE Standard 802.3at. This enables PoE communication with a high number of devices using only one PoE injector.
  • Save time and space with a compact plug-and-play device
    Standard DIN rail mounting allows an easy and quick installation of the PoE injector in customers application. No complicated setup and integration into the Ethernet LAN is required. The small size of the all-in-one solution with a width of only 77mm saves space. You can also reduce the total number of devices in your system.
  • Save costs with an all-in-one solution
    With the option of a Puls CP10.481 being built-in, customers get a high-end power supply on top which convinces by quality, reliability and performance. This all-in-one solution reduces system complexity and costs due to shorter installation times. In addition there is only one part number that has to be managed.
  • Set up a secure system even for critical applications
    Puls always ensures a maximum level of security for its products, for hardware as well as software. For example, if one Ethernet channel of the PoE injector should fail all other channels remain unaffected and fully functional. The devices are protected against digital attempts at manipulation – the integration of an ASIC component in the switch design prevents intrusion.

Made for your application

  • Industrial automation
    e.g. image data processing
  • Building automation
    e.g. smart home, lighting
  • Transportation infrastructure
    e.g. airport, stations
  • Advertising
    e.g. digital billboards
  • Security
    e.g. access control, camera
  • Point-of-Sale (PoS)
    e.g. cash register
  • Office environment
    e.g. VoIP, (W)LAN access points
  • Medical and healthcare
    e.g. nurse call
Industrijski PoE + injektori - Puls - Varga Elektronik d.o.o.

State-of-the-art PoE features.
A look under the hood.

PoE features

  • Easy setup
    Plug and play installation and DIN rail mounting
  • PoE+ standard
    4x or 8x 30W-ports (acc. IEEE Standard 802.3at)
  • Fast data transfer rate
    Gigabit Ethernet: 1.000Mbps
  • Flexible use
    Automatic device detection and classification

AC/DC converter features

  • Internationally applicable
    AC 100-240V wide-range input
  • Low power losses, less heating
    95.5% efficiency
  • Space-saving design
    77 mm width
  • Industrial proven
    Wide temperature range from -25°C to +70°C

IT vs industrial environment.
What is the difference?

Many PoE injectors available on the market generally have their origins in IT applications. In the IT environment – such as in server rooms – stable environmental conditions and decent network quality prevail.
For industrial applications, things are more challenging. The devices need to be able to handle varying grid quality, high temperatures and vibrations. This means that many PoE injectors do not meet industrial requirements in terms of reliability, durability and efficiency. In addition, they generally only have 1 to a maximum of 4 channels and usually require an external power supply. Configuring the injectors and integrating them into existing PoE systems is also complicated.
With its new 4 and 8 channel PoE injectors, Puls now offers robust, durable and efficient midspan solutions for anyone looking to power a larger number of PoE devices in an industrial environment.