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inoCASE – stainless steel enclosures

Rolec inoCASE – With extreme corrosion resistance and a smooth surface finish our new inoCASE stainless steel enclosures are shining.

inoCASE stainless steel enclosures are designed for demanding industrial applications. For example, in the food processing industry, medical applications, pharmaceuticals and process control industries the use of stainless steel is usually a requirement. The inoCASE range is manufactured in stainless steel to the standards 4310/A2 or 4404/A4. These high performance materials have a lasting and positive impact on the reliable function of the equipment.

Another important application is in areas near seawater, for example harbours, oil rigs and other offshore-installations. At these locations the high humidity and salinity quickly act to damage many materials. inoCASE enclosures on the other hand are characterised with high resistance to these conditions and will remain fully operational with a temperature range of -40 to +80 °C.