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KEL-FG-ER split flange enclosure

for 90° feed-in of cables with connectors / IP65

The cable entry frames KEL-FG-ER are suited for installation of cables with connectors and conduits at an angle of 90° to the cabinet, enclosure or machine wall, providing an IP65 rating and strain relief for cable diameters from 1 to 16 mm (single-hole grommets KT 1 – 15) and 16 to 35 mm (single-hole grommets KT 16 – 34).

The KEL-FG-ER-A frame matches exactly the cut-out dimensions for 24-pin standard industrial connectors. The KEL-FG-ER-B is suited for cut-outs 36 × 46 mm.

The single-row versions KEL-FG-ER-E are particularly suited for flat connectors. The small frames are ideal for applications with limited space.

Due to the integrated seal on the flange enclosure, a protection class of up to IP65 is provided. An additional flat rubber gasket is included in the shipment.


  • IP rating (EN 60529): IP54, IP55, IP64, IP65
  • Material: Polyamide
  • Flame class: UL94-V0, self-extinguishing
  • Operating temperature: -40 C° to 80 C°
  • Properties: vibration proof, UV-resistant, silicone free, halogen free
  • Mounting options: Screw type mounting
  • Mounting height: 57.5 mm

Advantages & benefits

  • Integrated seal
  • Protection class IP65 acc. to EN 60529
  • Installation at an angle of 90° to the wall
  • Mechanical protection of the cable directly at the place of entry
  • Protection against water splashes and drips
  • Ideal for cables with connectors (max. Ø 35 mm)
  • Strain relief according to EN 62444
  • High flexibility when using the IMAS-CONNECT™ system
ProductFor max. no. of cablesMax. cable diameterCut-out sizeSuitable for grommetsPackage quantityLength x Width x Height[mm]Part No.
KEL-FG-ER-A101016 mm112 x 36 mm10 x KT small1 pc147 x 80 x 57.5 mm42340
KEL-FG-ER-A7735 mm112 x 36 mm 6 x KT small
1 x KT large
1 pc147 x 80 x 57.5 mm42341
KEL-FG-ER-A4435 mm112 x 36 mm2 x KT small
2 x KT large
1 pc147 x 80 x 57.5 mm42342
KEL-FG-ER-B4416 mm46 x 36 mm4 x KT small1 pc79.8 x 80 x 57.5 mm42344
KEL-FG-ER-B1135 mm46 x 36 mm1 x KT large1 pc79.8 x 80 x 57.5 mm42343
KEL-FG-ER-E5517 mm112 x 24 mm5 x KT small5 pc 147 x 53 x 38 mm42347
KEL-FG-ER-E3317 mm112 x 24 mm3 x KT small5 pc100 x 53 x 38 mm42346
KEL-FG-ER-E2217 mm112 x 24 mm2 x KT small5 pc73 x 53 x 38 mm42345