New extra loud vocal elements with individual record/playback

New extra loud vocal elements with individual record/playback

The two new vocal elements types 154 and 190 developed by Werma Signaltechnik give high volume output together with exceptionally good tone quality. Up to 110dB sound output is possible in both units meaning that the audible warning can be heard, even in the loudest of ambient noise environments

It is possible to record virtually any audible content – your own message/announcement, tunes or tones can be imported into the two units from either Mp3 or WAV formats. In this way the most specific instructions or announcements can be recorded and played back.

Simple to follow recording instructions

The vocal element is connected to a PC via USB and the software supplied with the unit – Vocal Element configurator – permits the simple transfer of audio files and the creation of playlists. Up to 15 playlists can be remotely controlled, alternatively up to 50 playlists in sequence. The configurator is compatible with all current Windows operating systems.

Volume level up to 110dB controlled externally

Both vocal elements can be controlled independently of other signal devices. The 190 unit can also be mounted in combination with LED beacons giving optimum security at for example access points where both an audible and optical warning of an exit/entrance can be given.. The innovative fixing bracket makes installation simple and straightforward. The 154 unit has 8 separate cable entry points to offer maximum flexibility in combination with LED beacons. The output volume can be controlled up to 110dB remotely.

Features at a glance:

  • 110 dB high output vocal element with excellent tone and sound quality
  • Plays customer-specific audio files (signal tones, music and spoken text)
  • Easy transfer of audio files and simple operation
  • Sound output level can be triggered externally
  • Creation of individual playlists and playback modes possible