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New panel mount jacks with fibre optic and M12 connections

According to bitkom, more than half of all industrial companies already use a fibre optic connection. To also cover this field, Schlegel has developed a first panel mount jack for the LC connection type. The panel mount jack RRJ_LWL_LC_OM2 is designed for LC/LC coupling and complies with the standards IEC 61754-20 and EN 50377-7. Up to 500 mating cycles and the use within a temperature range from -40°C to 75°C are possible. The mounting depth is only 28.5 mm. Additional connection and fibre types are planned and can be requested directly from Schlegel.

Schlegel also further expands its product range in the area of M12 connection technology with the new M12 panel mount jack. The connections are A-coded and are designed as a 4-pole panel mount jack RRJ_M124A_100CM or a 5-pole panel mount jack RRJ_M125A_100CM on the front side. On the rear the connection is made via an open cable end. The M12 panel mount jack can be operated within a temperature range from -25°C to 80°C (from -5°C to 80°C for flexible operation), a voltage of max. 250 V (4 poles) / 125 V (5 poles) AC/DC and a current of max. 4 A per contact. The mounting depth is 43.9 mm.

With the M12 panel mount jack, too, additional codings and pole assignments are planned or can be requested.

Both panel mount jacks can be purchased for 22.3 mm mounting holes and in silver or black or with stainless steel front bezel.