Comat – The motor controllers of the CMC series

CONTROL UNIT FOR DC MOTORS AND SOLENOID VALVES New, with even more performance: revised version with even higher output current of 16 A (CMC1) and/or 10 A (CMC15/16)Equipped with a wear free and short-circuit protected solid state outputSafe control of inductive loads of utilisation category DC-13 up to 16 AAdjustable start and breaking rampsIncreases the lifecycle of the entire system, prevent mechanical shocks and current peaksStepless speed control of DC motors via a 0 – 10 V- or 4 – 20 mA signalSpace saving: only 14 mm wide The motor controllers of the CMC series enable a zero-wear actuation of brush DC motors or of DC-solenoid valves. Depending on the wiring, the CMC…

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Werma ClearSIGN compact

The complete Signal Tower Solution The new ClearSIGN signal tower combines a slim unobtrusive design with cutting edge lighting technology and great functionality. Signalling technology has moved significantly forward in a most logical manner. The homogenous light effect is particularly impressive and when a light is activated comes to life in a unique form. ClearSIGN uses purely LEDs which help create an unobtrusive minimalistic design with a high level of functionality. Using the latest electronic lighting controls, signal tower elements are illuminated to a previously unseen brightness and create a uniquely fluid illumination effect. If no status light is required, the signal tower stands elegantly in the background, appearing to be virtually invisible,…

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icotek KEL-E i MT

KEL 16-E Product descriptionThe cable entry frame KEL 16-E, from icotek, offers a larger frame size for routeing a greater amount of cables, pipes or conduits. The KEL 16-E series are KEL frames extended with an additional middle frame for routeing additional cables. Thus allowing a quick, easy and cost effective routeing solution for up to 48 cables. Advantages Protection class IP54Warranty of pre-terminated cables remainsRetrofitting and maintenance can be carried out easily and quickly High packing density, wide variety of frames and insertsStrain relief according to EN 50262 / 62444Vibration-proofKEL also available with V2A screwsKEL on request also available with threaded bushings Accessories KT Cable insertsKEL-EMC Cable collector KEL 16-MT Product descriptionThe cable entry frame KEL…

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Murrelektronik Xtreme series – Extreme Conditions. Easy Installations.

Parched fields with swirling dust. Icy streets treated with salt. Wet soil where harvesters fight the mud and dirt. All are demanding environments where heavy equipment has to deal with a variety of conditions. Products used in mobile applications are exposed to wide temperature fluctuations and UV light. They are pelted by dust, treated with high pressure water (IP66K) and cleaners (IP69K) and sometimes they are even immersed (IP68). They have to withstand vibration and oils. In short, they have to meet the most extreme requirements. To this point, single wire connections have been used in the construction of heavy equipment. This means many individual parts (cables, cable ties, ferrule ends) have to…

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Rolec inoCASE

Rolec has a proud history as a market leader in the design and development of new concepts in enclosures, command enclosures and suspension systems. The company founders Friedhelm and Matthias Rose are pioneers in enclosures technology. Providing our customers with fully matured designs of the highest quality and value is our prime objective. Today Rolec manufactures an extensive range of modern high performance enclosures typically rated from IP 66 to IP 67. The range includes die cast and extruded aluminium enclosures, GRP polyester enclosures and ABS or polycarbonate plastic enclosures. Naturally top products have to go together with top customer service. This includes the human factor - meaning a friendly environment - and first class service. The ready for installation customising of…

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Puls PIANO – Reliable DIN-Rail Power Supplies for Mid-Market Applications

We now extend our product range to new market segments. Applying new concepts from design to manufacturing, the PIANO series offers reliability, service life-time and efficiency figures usually available only in more expensive products. The Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) figures of the Puls PIANO-Series are as high as 1.5 million hours and the minimum service life-time is typically 40,000 hours. Efficiency figures vary, depending on the version, from 90.5% up to 94.5%. The 240W version consumes a width of only 49mm on the DIN-Rail, therefore it offers the same size benefit as the newest and most costly products from other vendors. Robust even for demanding applications, these purely convection cooled units can…

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Shortron – Small and Effficient

With the unique and compact Design – Concept the Shortron series SCHLEGEL sets new frontiers. The whole series is manufactured in order to provide as shortrer switches as possible. The switches are only 2 mm high with the working distance of 2,3 mm with extreme small dimension for built in from 9 do max. 16 mm. Functionality and design of the new series is oriented to industries which are concerned and are leaning to creative design of their control panels. Additional possibilities with the design are possible by using different rings which are available in different colors. Wide repertoar of functions in this series is covered with the standard push buttons (illuminated and…

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10th anniversary of the establishment of the company

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the company and its successful business operation in domestic and foreign markets. The company Varga Elektronik do.o. was established in February 2005 with the aim of providing quality products - both in production and sales. On the Croatian market we have offered top quality industrial electronics from major European manufacturers. Experienced staff and their commitment to bussines over the past 10 years had outstanding results in the midst of the economic crisis that hit Europe and the whole world. Emphasis on quality and highly educated workers has contributed to the current strength of the company that seeks continuous improvement. Our dedicated and quality…

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Contrinex photoelectric distance sensors

With the new C23 and C55 series, Contrinex not only meets the demand for photoelectric sensors for ultra-precise distance measurement, but also for the measurement of very large distances. The cubic C23 sensors use triangulation to measure distances up to 200 mm with extreme precision. The C55 Series uses the time-of-flight (TOF) method for highly reliable measurement of large distances from 100 mm to 5000 mm. C23 – precise measurement in miniature cubic housing Measuring just 20 x 34 x 12 mm, the very small size and IP69K protection rating of the C23 housing make this sensor suitable for numerous and varied applications. Typical among these is the area of roll control. Here,…

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Comat SMS Relay

Comat SMS relay is an essential tool for all applications that require constant oversight even when the user isn't phisically possible to be at the location. Some examples include cold storage spaces, central heating for buildings or industrial objects, irrigations systems, water pump controls, vacation homes, server rooms and so on. Applications for SMS relay are basically countless. Everything depends on the customer needs and creativity. If remote control and oversight are something that you need in your application please don't hesitate to contact us. Together we can create the optimal solution for your application. Characteristics Analog and/or digital inputsMonitoring of all inputs and outputs with SMS messagingRequest of analogue values by SMSRemote…

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Icotek KEL-U cable entry frames IP54

Split cable entry system for routeing pre-terminated cables providing a protection class of IP54. Routeing, sealing and providing strain relief according to EN 50262 / EN 62444 for cable diameters from 2 to 34 mm. The new cable entry system is easy to install. Cable inserts are placed into compartments and are securely fixed to the frame during assembly. Once the lid is affixed to the base frame, it is compressed and tightly sealed. The KEL-U frames exactly match the cut-out dimensions for 24-, 16- and 10-pole standard industrial connectors. The KEL-U-B matches cut-out dimensions of 46×46 mm measuring instruments. Advantages Very easy assemblyWarranty on pre-terminated cables remainsRetrofitting and maintenance can be carried…

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Intelligent Sensors for the 4th Industrial Revolution: Industry 4.0

Intelligent sensors are the fundamental building blocks of modern smart factories. They enable sensor-supported production resources (machines, robots, etc.) to configure, control, manage and optimize themselves. Precise, reliable sensor data is now more essential than ever. Sensors from Contrinex, the leader in intelligent sensor technology, ensure excellent data quality. To communicate that data, all Contrinex inductive and photoelectric ASIC sensors will be equipped with IO-Link as standard. Customers use either the sensor’s binary PNP output or its intelligent IO-Link interface. Both are available in one and the same device. Another advantage is the fact that, with Contrinex sensors, there is no extra charge for IO-Link. This makes them not only quick and simple…

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Read more about the article 1kW Lightweight Supply on the DIN-rail
New Zealand, North Island, Mt. Ngauruhoe and Mt. Ruapehu, aerial view

1kW Lightweight Supply on the DIN-rail

The new 1 kW single phase, wide input voltage range power supply from PULS has a housing width of only 125 mm and weighs just 1.9kg. These units which are over 50% lighter and more than 40% smaller than comparable power supplies in this power class are designed with the uncompromising approach typical of PULS’ high standards. In addition to a high efficiency of 94.6% and the lowest loss performance over a wide range of loads, the power supplies are equipped with PULS HiccupPLUS overload protection. This provides a well-balanced power management that provides continuous output current repeatedly for 4 seconds on severe overload and protects mistakenly connected loads and cables against damage…

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Design-awarded control devices for sub-zero temperatures

The new Kombitast-R-Juwel series enriches the Schlegel product portfolio in the range of 30 mm mounting diameter. All actuators of the KRJ series have been tested for temperatures down to -40°C. Hence, they are mainly used in trains and commercial vehicles such as e.g. buses, trucks, fire engines and agricultural vehicles which are operated in very cold regions. Other“icy“ application areas are cold stores, ski-lift installations, snow cannons or ships. Needless to say that the actuators that have been recognized with the if design award 2013 are also used under “normal“ ambient conditions, particularly in cases where a larger touch surface is required. With that slim titanium-lacquered front ring (2.7mm) with a diameter…

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Murrelektronik’s industrial M12 connectors with IP67 protection

These connectors are perfect to use in demanding industrial Ethernet applications. The x-coded M12 connector transfers high data quantity. The y-coded M12 connector transfers both data and power. High speed vision systems are an example of how increasing data volumes are generated in industrial Ethernet applications. This requires higher transfer rates. And the request for a standardized communication structure in companies has become more important. Murrelektronik's x-coded M12 cordsets are the right solution for error-free, high speed data transfers of up to 10 gigabits per second. They enable full speed transfer on the data highway. A metal cross (X-shaped) in the connector safely separates the four data pairs from each other. The cables…

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New WERMA slim-line KOMPAKT 37 LED signal tower

Rietheim-Weilheim – With a total of 48 different options the new Werma KOMPAKT 37 LED signal tower offers more variants than any other. There is a suitable solution for any application, whether the tower is required, for example, in black or silver, with plug or cable options to name but a few. You have the choice of two versions for optimum visibility The slim-line LED signal tower is available with black housing and coloured lens or in a metallic colour with clear lens.In the version with coloured lens, the the LEDs light up within the tower in the colour of the lens giving an intensive colour effect whilst the clear lens give clear…

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We have oppened our new office space

On Saturday, March 1st in Draškovec we oppened our new office space. The director Zvonko Varga was accompanied by his staff during the opening ceremony. Many other guests came to the opening including the mayor of Prelog Ljubomir Kolarek with his deputy mayor Zdravko Kvakan and another city offical Željko Poredoš. Today when we see the effects of the economic crises all over our country, the company Varga Elektronik is one of the few that continues to expand its business and opens new workplaces.

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Representation Icotek

Varga Elektronik expands its business and in 2014. Became a representative for a German cable entry system management company Icotek. The company was founded in 1995. And became the leading company in cable management and EMC-technique. In its headquarters Eschach, Baden-Wurttemberg, Icotek develops and distributes its products throughout Germany and exports to over 40 other lands.

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MOLL Batteries

Buy a quality battery for your private or commercial car and get to know German quality recognized by ADAC. For over 65 years we are succesfully manufacturing batteries which are recognized by reputable car manufacturers (VW, Audi, Porsche, Skoda, Seat, Lamborghini, Renault..). We offer different model of batteries for older and new vehicles.

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