Cube67 Diagnostics Gateway – Diagnostics Made Easy

Murrelektronik's Cube fieldbus system offers extensive diagnostic options. A new diagnostics gateway makes access to this data even easier. This solution is easy to implement, provides clear information in case of failure and speeds up troubleshooting, resulting in maximum availability of machines and systems. The Cube system from Murrelektronik is a high-performance, decentralized fieldbus system that is used in many machines and systems. It has a modular structure and customized installation concepts can be realized with a large variety of input modules, output modules, mixed modules, and a wide range of function modules (e.g. IO-Link, RS 485, etc.). A one cable system transfers both communication data and supply voltages, whereby up to 32…

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LFC – EMC Shield connection for use with cable clamps on 30 mm DIN rail shape C

With the LFC cable shield clamp the cable shield is directly contacted at the C-rail. Your existing cable clamp can still be used for strain relief. The shield clamps SKL / MSKL are easy to use and effective in earthing single cable shields. AdvantagesSpace-saving assembly, no tools requiredHigh vibration resistanceLarge clamping range from 3 to 30 mmLarge shielding contact areaShield contact and strain relief separatedFor mounting on all standard C-rails (16-17 mm) SpecificationsShield clamp type: Single clampNo. of shield clamps: 1 × (M)SKLMaterial shield clamp: Spring steel, zinc platedMaterial mounting foot: Spring steelMounting type: Snap-inMounting location: 30 mm DIN rail shape CWith strain relief

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Crowd Management with SignalSET system

A new simple crowd management wireless traffic light system The Corona pandemic has placed us all in an exceptional situation. Our everyday life has been changed in so many different ways and we have to face new challenges on a daily basis. The highest priority has to be the health and safety of the population. Both government and companies are looking at all possible ways to control the spread of the virus. Werma is able to make an important contribution with the launch of the traffic light system SignalSET. This system provides the control of access to supermarkets and shops, dentist and doctor’s surgeries, for example, and thus enables compliance with local “social…

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ACTIVSTONE – Revolutionary triple protection

Inductive sensors with weld spatter-resistant ceramic coating The Weld-Immune range of inductive sensors now includes ceramic-coated types. In addition to mechanical shock resistance and immunity to the magnetic fields of welding equipment, the new sensors are characterized by a robust, weld spatter-resistant coating. This coating increases the service life of sensors, facilitates cleaning and helps to reduce machine downtime. Inductive sensors from Contrinex’s Weld-Immune range with ACTIVSTONE ™ coating now offer the highest level of weld spatter resistance. A high-performance ceramic material forms a durable, non-stick coating on all external surfaces of the sensor, including the fixing nuts. The coating material has been specially formulated for robustness and resists impacts and abrasion without…

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Signal technology with USB

Werma offers clever solutions that simply work In many manufacturing and process applications it is necessary to indicate machine status/faults/warnings by means of signal lights/beacons/traffic light systems. Machines and equipment are not always PLC controlled and therefore there are many instances where the application has to be monitored and controlled by PC. Typical applications include call centres, automatic check-out systems or for monitoring data produced by lab equipment. The optimum solution here is Werma’s LED 816 Multicolour beacon or the terminal elements with USB interface for signal towers from the KombiSIGN 71 and 72 families. Wide ranging options without a separate power supply These innovative solutions from Werma are controlled directly from the…

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NEW and INNOVATIVE: The CMS-10R with 4G, SMS, IoT functionality and much more

‘All-in’ CMS-10R ComatReleco Messaging System Wireless remote monitoring and control systemFor use in 4G, 3G, 2G mobile networksBuilt-in eSIM technology for worldwide useNo separate contract is necessary with a mobile providerDevice communication via web browser – iot.comatreleco.comPush notification via Android or iOS apps, e-mail and SMSConfigurable inputs and outputsGuaranteed alert in the event of blackout on site Overview Digital and analog inputs: Three device types are available, with different inputs - AC 110…240 V, DC 12…48 V, DC 0…10 V, DC 4…20 mA Plug and Play: Wireless programming via the internet with PC, smart phone or tablet App and E-Mail, additionally SMS:  You will be alerted by push notification and remote control is…

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EMC cable entry systems

Solutions for conducted and field-bound disturbances In case of conducted as well as field bound EMI disturbances, our split cable entry system EMC-KEL and our split cable gland EMC-KVT-DS offer an effective way to divert and block those disturbances and provides an alternative to conventional EMC cable glands - especially when routing cables with connectors. The industrial process technology demands increasing security against disturbances for electrical MCR facilities (measure, control, regulate). Special emphasis is being placed on the derivation of electromagnetic interference. A distinction is made between conductive and field-bound disturbances. A large contact area of the cable shield for the derivation of the interference to a conductive enclosure wall combined with the shielding of the enclosure interior, generally…

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A Perfect System to Monitor Current

Mico Pro is Murrelektronik's innovative 24 VDC current monitoring system. The modular design makes it possible to create systems that fit the application perfectly – which adds value by creating a cost–benefit ratio that saves space in the control cabinet. Murrelektronik's patented tripping behavior ensures maximum machine availability. An additional advantage is the integrated potential distribution concept. It significantly reduces the control cabinet wiring. Power supply systems are the heart of machines and systems because they provide the energy required for operation. Overcurrent or short circuits can impact the power supply and cause machine downtime, production downtime and high costs. In order to maximize the reliability of the power supply systems, these problems…

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Safety light curtain with Bluetooth LE

Configure and monitor safety devices using smartphone app YBES light curtains include a Bluetooth-LE interface for remote, wireless configuration and real-time communication of status or diagnostic data to a smartphone or tablet. In addition to extended functionality (EDM, restart interlock, beam coding, etc.) and ease of use, operators benefit from reduced installation costs as safety relays are no longer required. YBES light curtains meet the highest Type 4 safety requirements of Category 4, PL e and Safety Integrity Level SIL 3. They offer blind-zone free mounting and an integrated alignment system. The new safety systems will be available for use from 2020. To prevent unauthorized access to hazardous areas, automated systems often rely…

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Compact 36W, 60W and 90W DIN rail power supplies with basic functionality

The latest and smallest representatives of the PIANO product family are currently the 24V DIN rail power supplies PIM36 (36W - coming soon), PIM60 (60W) and PIM90 (90W). Mini power supplies. New space opportunities. The new PIANO Mini (PIM) power supplies create space in your systems or machines and allow you a more flexible planning. A 90W DIN rail power supply in a 36x90x91mm (WxHxD) housing is currently unique in the market. The width of the 36W version is only 22.5mm - so literally a thumb's width. This results in completely new space opportunities for you. Focus on core features. The most important characteristic of the PIANO devices is their focus on the…

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EvoSIGNAL – the quick and easy way to create the perfect signalling system

Signal devices warn, guide and protect. The type of visual and acoustic signals used depends on the application and the surroundings. Until now, selecting suitable signal devices has often been difficult and complicated due to the large number of options available. Thanks to EvoSIGNAL by WERMA, it easier than ever before to find the right signal device: the simple, modular system covers almost all fields of application. EvoSIGNAL is the new standard solution for the signalling sector. Just three steps to find the optimum solution Customers are guided to the perfect product for their particular application in just a few steps – making the problems of incorrect purchases and time-consuming exchange processes a…

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Adapter grommets for Keystone jacks & circular connectors IMAS-CONNECT ™ by icotek is a consistently modular designed grommet system for mounting circular connectors, Keystone jacks, hose fittings, pressure compensation elements and much more. By utilising the modular adapter system, the split icotek cable entry frame becomes a hybrid system. The new modular adapter system IMAS-CONNECT ™ is a consistently modular designed grommet system for mounting circular connectors, Keystone jacks, hose fittings, pressure compensation elements and much more.By utilising the modular adapter system, the cable entry frame becomes a hybrid system. Pre-terminated and standard cables or hoses can be routed and at the same time the system serves as an interface for connectors.The grommets, made…

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SHORTRON ® connect – small & robust

SHORTRON ® connectFRONT DIMENSION: Ø 28 mmPANEL CUT-OUT: Ø 22.3 mmFRONT BEZEL HEIGHT: 2 mmTRAVEL: 2,3 mm small + quick + efficient = SHORTRON ® SimplicityQuick and easy installation with M12 connector. EfficiencyNo enclosure necessary, low cabling effort, time-saving installation, also possible without technical staff. SafetyHigh degree of protection IP65/IP67 in the front and on the rear. Anti-rotation/reverse polarity protection thanks to the M12 connector. HarmonyColour design of the pushbuttons and switches with black, silver-coloured or stainless steel front ring. Pleasant illumination on the variants with illumination option. CompactnessLow space requirement thanks to the compact construction with less mounting depth. height: 33,7 mm FunctionalityHigh mechanical and electrical lifetime, pleasant and perceptible switching characteristic.…

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Decentralized Automation Solutions

Advanced electrical installation concepts connect all sensors and actuators in machines or systems to the controller or cloud solution in the most economical way. The key to the best possible electrical installation is to consider all phases of the machine or system’s lifecycle. The manufacturers of machines and systems should also benefit from the chosen electrical installation concept, as should the future operators. The focus is on low "total cost of ownership" and a "life cycle" that is profitable for all parties involved. How do manufacturers benefit? Standardization and simplification of planning and programming processesConsiderable simplification of wiringReduction of the space required in the control cabinetSimple assembly (Plug & Play)High modularization possibilities in…

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RFID Washdown

The Washdown family of full-metal, low-frequency components has been designed for demanding wash-in-place applications within the food, pharmaceutical and other industries. Passive tags from this family offer the highest mechanical and chemical resistance, being fully sealed, laser welded and made of food-grade stainless steel (V4A / AISI 316L). As a result, they are highly corrosion-proof, saltwater resistant and withstand aggressive solvents. With an enclosure rating of IP68 & IP69K, Washdown components resist high-pressure cleaning and function reliably in water. They have also been optimized for a wide operating temperature range: -40 to +125°C (-40 to +257°F). If the ContriNET protocol is used, LF RWMs can share one network with HF types, including the full range of interfaces.…

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CP5 series: Wide range of new 120W DIN rail power supplies

In the 120W power class, the new CP5.121 (12V, 10A) and CP5.241 (24V, 5A) power supplies are setting new benchmarks. With a width of just 32mm and a reduced depth of 102mm, this is the most compact DIN rail power supply in this performance class. The lifetime of the 24V version is 166,000 hours* and the 12V version achieves a minimum of 110,000 hours – in both cases under extreme conditions of 230Vac, continuous full load and +40°C ambient temperature. Advanced topology These high values are achieved using an LLC resonance converter. This advanced converter topology is atypical for a 120W power supply. The result sets a new record in efficiency levels for 120W power supplies: 94.0% (CP5.121) and 94.3% (CP5.241) and puts both…

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The new multicolour 240 series LED Installation Beacon

Compact installation beacon with up to seven colours With its new 240 series LED Installation Beacon Multicolour, Werma now offers a compact signal device with up to seven colours in a single beacon: red, yellow, green, white, blue, violet und turquoise. A tricolour version is available as an alternative, combining the most common colours, red, yellow and green in just the one beacon. The beacon can be actuated via either a simple cable connection or a pre-assembled M12 plug – for plug & play. This allows you to signal several different statuses with just one device! The beacon can also be supplied with an attention-grabbing buzzer. Compact and bright all round The diameter…

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QT-DT – Membrane cable grommets

The QT-DT cable grommets can be used anywhere where a large number of electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic lines must be routed and sealed with IP54. By using the QT-DT grommets, the cable density can be significantly increased. QT-DT grommets are compatible with split icotek cable entry frames KEL-QUICK and KEL-QTA. The routing of cables with and without preassembled connectors in one cable entry frame can thus be easily combined. The QT-DT grommets are also perfectly suitable for the assembly of subsequently terminated cable harnesses. Advantages Combination of routing pre-terminated and standard cables with one cable entry frameEnables sub-assembly of cable harnessesHigh cable density Specifications Material: ElastomerColour: grey (similar RAL 7035)Flame class: UL94-V0, self-extinguishingTemperature (°C): -40 - 100…

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It continues… 2G becomes 4G

Do you still use 2G SMS Relay in your systems today? Get additional discounts from Q3 2019 when purchasing a 4G SMS Relay!This offer applies to all 2G SMS relays CMS-10 from the mentioned manufacture years and is valid until 31.12.2020. Manufacture year of the 2G SMS relayAdditional discount on the new 4G SMS relay201830%201725%201615% App instead of SMS: You will be alerted via PUSH-messages and the remote control is via app. The communication via SMS can optionally be disabled.Plug and play: Wireless programming over the internet using PC, smartphone or tablet.Wiring: The pin assignment remains the same.Easy exchange: Transfer the configuration of 2G SMS relay to the new 4G SMS relay.Everything included: We deliver the communication as…

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Video on DPC 8380 and DPS 8381

The DPC 8380 and the DPC 8381 are the ideal combination of pressure switch and transmitter with pressure display. The parameters are set on the device or in a timesaving way via an NFC - smartphone App. The settings in combination with a comprehensive set of options make the DPX 838x suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. In this new video the advantages of the pressure switches with display DPC 8380 and DPS 8381 are shown: Quick and easy parametrisation via smartphone and appFlexible installation and fittingAnalysis of the pressure profileConvenient storage

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