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Push-in relay socket family


With the compact push-in relay socket family for tool-free DIN rail mounting, ComatReleco offers a new alternative to existing products with a space saving of up to 25%.

High integration density in the control cabinet and fast wiring are essential prerequisites for innovative and economically attractive installation solutions.

Solid wires, stranded wires or crimped stranded wires with conductor cross-sections in the range of 0.34 mm2 to 2.5 mm2 can be plugged into to 2 individual terminals per pole. A2 jumpers allow connection between all push-in socket variants. 2-pole and 4-pole potential bridge bars reduce the cost of wiring. The commercially available printable 11 mm marking strip simplifies relay labelling. The colour-coded manual actuators on the ComatReleco industrial relays also provide more clarity in the control cabinet.

Detailed information about the ComatReleco push-in sockets is available at

ComatReleco’s Push-in socket family excels in its unique space saving design and fast wiring capability. It aims to enable you to achieve the most efficient and space generating wiring of switch board cabinets while helping you to save time and to keep your installation costs well controlled. Simple and convincing handling right from the start to the very end support you in realising your sophisticated installation projects.

The Push-in socket family comprises 2 x 4 different socket types to provide scalability and match your requirements.

For automation and installation applicationsFor railway applications
S7-PI, 8-pin socket for C7-type relays, available Q3/2021S7-PIR, 8-pin socket for R7-type relays, available Q3/2021
S9-PI, 14-pin socket for C9-type relaysS9-PIR, 14-pin socket for R9-type relays
S10-PI, 5-pin socket for C10 and CSS-type relays, available Q4/2021S10-PIR, 5-pin socket for R10 and R10-Z1-type relays, available Q4/2021
S12-PI, 8-pin socket for C12-type relays, available Q4/2021S12-PIR, 8-pin socket for R12-type relays, available Q4/2021