Shortron – Small and Effficient

Shortron – Small and Effficient

With the unique and compact Design – Concept the Shortron series SCHLEGEL sets new frontiers. The whole series is manufactured in order to provide as shortrer switches as possible. The switches are only 2 mm high with the working distance of 2,3 mm with extreme small dimension for built in from 9 do max. 16 mm.

Functionality and design of the new series is oriented to industries which are concerned and are leaning to creative design of their control panels. Additional possibilities with the design are possible by using different rings which are available in different colors.

Wide repertoar of functions in this series is covered with the standard push buttons (illuminated and not), atractive switches (with 2 or 3 switch positions, also illuminated or not), key switches (2 or 3 switch positions) and up to emergency buttons, acoustic and light signalization.

SCHLEGEL offers in this series special kind of push buttons – tactile buttons, capacitive buttons and piezzo buttons which are vandalism proof.

Other special offers:

  • Ring lights and laser inscription
  • IP protection: front side IP69K, back side IP69K as option
  • Possible combinations with USB interface

Area of use:

  • Machine building
  • Food industry
  • Medical technology
  • Sterile rooms
  • Pharmaceutical industry, etc.