Industrial cleaning device

The function of the cleaning system Simply1 is cleaning and washing items of almost any material. The device is used for washing plastic casings of electrical appliances, mechanical parts, metal tools, etc. via water media.

Simply1 comes in 4 versions:

  • Basic version without separator and water heater
  • Simply1 with separator
  • Simply1 with water heater
  • Simply1 with separator and water heater.

Example of materials that can be washed in Simply 1

Details and specifications

Dimensions (H x W x D)
1897.7 mm x 820 mm x 804.1 mm
230 kg
Working voltage
230 V AC / 50 Hz
Water pressure
Max. 9 l/min, at 1.400 U/min.
Water supply pressure
30-80 bar / Option: up to 120-150 bar
Water drain
Ī¦ 50
Water supply
R Ā½ ā€œ
Air connection
Fast coupler, male
Space for use
Washing cabin 500 x 600 x 800 mm
Dimension of the storage surface
590 x 740 x 20 mm
Maximum weigt
45 kg
pH neutral ( 7-9 pH)
Water temperature
Max. 45Ā°C with boiler
Energy consumption
Depending on the options, between 10-15 Amp.

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