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Submersible Transmitter ECL 8438

Due to its excellent price performance ratio and outstanding chemical resistance the new Submersible Transmitter ECL 8438 is suitable for a wide range of applications where reliable measurement of a fluid level is required over a considerable period of time.

Measuring ranges from 0 to 0.1 through to 0 to 25 bar are available. The amplifier electronics which incorporate Trafag’s in-house developed ASIC offer the best available technology and allows for the compensation of temperature-driven drift effects. The NLH accuracy of the Trafag ECL submersible transmitter is +/-0.2%. Alternatively the Trafag NAL submersible transmitter is available with +/-0.1% NLH accuracy.
The sensor’s slim body is made of stainless steel and can easily be inserted into a 1 inch wide guiding tube. The ceramic sensor cell is safeguarded by a protective cover at the end of the unit. PUR, PE or PTFE cable can be selected dependent upon the media. Vented cable enables the sensor to reference against atmospheric pressure (gauge or relative pressure reference). The output signal of 4-20mA has integrated overload protection. The Trafag ECL submersible transmitter is rated to IP68 and has EMC protection IEC61000 immunity against lightning strikes.

Thanks to its outstanding chemical resistance the Trafag ECL 8438 submersible transmitter is suitable for use in diesel tanks, drinking and waste-water applications, reservoirs, lakes and rivers for flood protection, pump controls, water power-plants, food and chemical industries.

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