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Werma: Intelligent signal technology – for the world of today and tomorrow

Werma signal technology is one of the world’s leading companies producing optical and audible signal devices and process optimization systems: our signal devices warn, guide and protect people around the world. Our solutions make working environments safe, processes more efficient and protect people employed on machines, at manual workstations, in factory halls or working on buildings.

Clever solutions that just work – this has been WERMA’s goal for decades. Customers from our region and around the world verify this every day.
Marquardt with pride. “We set the standards for modern signal technology and define its future: our modular signal tower has been the industry standard for almost 30 years and today we develop networked, intelligent system solutions for process optimization. And “Made in Germany” is a label that allows us to confidently describe ourselves as “Europe’s leading signal”.

says Werma Managing Director Matthias Marquardt with pride

eSIGN – The new benchmark for industrial signalling

The new eSIGN signal tower is a breakthrough and a clear sign of WERMA’s continual technological progress: this signal tower sets new standards in terms of individuality and flexibility with full-surface signalling, robust industrial design and impressive features. Simply the best signal tower ever!

The eSIGN is a shining example of a signal tower with visibly improved performance: more colours, more effects and more individuality. Thanks to the modularity of its electrical components combined with the latest LED technology, different signalling modes can be produced using multiple colours, brightness levels and light effects – from the classic traffic light display to fully customised settings. Variable fill-level displays or full-surface signals can also be generated with ease using this signal tower.

Werma process optimization systems

In Bern, Werma presented solutions that make Industry 4.0, digitisation and networking tangible, accessible and ready for practical implementation. Our wireless, innovative process optimization systems for industry, production and shipping logistics are the first in the world to link machines and workstations via radio communication. They are simple, retrofittable and ready-made solutions for reducing downtime and controlling automatic material replenishment.

  • SmartMONITOR: The smart alternative to machine data acquisition systems for manufacturing companies
  • AndonSPEED: Unique Andon system for optimizing processes in shipping businesses
  • AndonWIRELESS: Freely configurable, professional call-for-action system for optimizing processes in production, logistics and manual workplaces.