You are currently viewing Murrelektronik Xtreme series – Extreme Conditions. Easy Installations.

Murrelektronik Xtreme series – Extreme Conditions. Easy Installations.

Parched fields with swirling dust. Icy streets treated with salt. Wet soil where harvesters fight the mud and dirt. All are demanding environments where heavy equipment has to deal with a variety of conditions.

Products used in mobile applications are exposed to wide temperature fluctuations and UV light. They are pelted by dust, treated with high pressure water (IP66K) and cleaners (IP69K) and sometimes they are even immersed (IP68). They have to withstand vibration and oils. In short, they have to meet the most extreme requirements.

To this point, single wire connections have been used in the construction of heavy equipment. This means many individual parts (cables, cable ties, ferrule ends) have to be connected by hand, big cable ducts are required and keeping it all tightly sealed is a permanent problem.

To solve these problems, we offer modular, pluggable solutions (the XTREME series) for mobile applications that are similar to those used in machine building. We know that by using pre-wired connection cables and distribution boxes, you can save a lot of installation time.

The XTREME Family is made up of:

M12 XTREME – rugged connection cables. All metal parts on these connectors are made of corrosion resistant stainless steel. The hex nut works with our torque wrench so you can ensure correct connections. An axial and radial locking mechanism, along with an innovatively shaped gasket, ensures stable connections even with vibration. The rugged PUR cable jacket is flexible and wear-resistant. The black material is resistant to UV light.

MSUD XTREME – the valve connector for extremely demanding conditions. The valve plugs are completely molded and absolutely sealed. The silicon gasket doesn’t get brittle and it is fixed in a way that it cannot get lost. The screw is made of stainless steel. The jacket material is PUR. The valve plugs are equipped with an LED status display. The valve connectors include integrated suppression components.

MVP XTREME – the impact-resistant and fully potted distribution box. The plastic housing is resistant to UV light. The threaded connections are made of stainless steel. Ultra bright LEDs make it easy to recognize the operating state. MVP XTREME has eight M12 ports that can transfer either one or two signals. The molded PUR homerun cables are suitable for C-track applications and available in lengths from 3 to 30 meters.

Typical examples of mobile applications:

  • Agricultural Machinery (tractors, combine harvesters)
  • Forestry Machines
  • Construction Machinery (road and tunnel construction)
  • Street Cleaners, Garbage Trucks
  • Industrial Trucks (forklift and pallet trucks)
  • Cranes (stationary and mobile installations)