From its founding the company Varga Elektronik d.o.o. followed a proverb from the great inventor Th. A. Edison that success is 1% luck and 99% hard work. On that we have based our business and constant training of our employees at Varga Elektronik d.o.o.

We place great importance on the young generation, their further training and finally the full incorporation of their knowledge into company’s work. With the senior staff, which possesses extensive experience in the field of industrial electronics, and the young highly educated staff we can proudly claim that Varga Elektronik d.o.o. is an ideal mix of experience and knowledge.

With such approach and conscientious and responsible work we have gained the trust of renowned companies and groups from most demanding Western European countries. Today we proudly develop, construct, build and maintain our machinery throughout Europe. Our current production is placed over 90% in foreign markets.

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With great pride and joy we bring you this news that on the 25th of September 2015 we brought the project of implementation of the Quality Management System 9001:2008 to an end. Thanks to the hard work of the entire company during the past 12 months and the consultant we were successful in the process of implementation of the ISO Quality Management System. Invested time, hard work and financial resources put in the preparation and implementation of the system resulted with the issuance of a certificate by TQV. With the certificate we proved that the system is successfully implemented. Our clients, business partners and other members of the market can now be assured da the implemented system works excellently.

We decided to implement and use the Quality Management System in our work to show our customers, business partners, and future customers that all business processes in our company are regulated to the smallest details. Now, they all can be assured that by doing business with the company Varga Elektronik d.o.o. they get a reliable and certified partner. With the ISO Quality Management System the company proves that it is able to consistently provide products according to the customers requirements and all regulatory and legal requirements.

According to the companies drive for sustained progress and improvement of services, we decided to implement the environmental management system ISO 14001. After a positive experience during the implementation of the ISO 9001 system, we put our trust again in the certification company TQV Adria which helped us with all the aspects during the implementation of both systems, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Thanks to the tireless team within the company all the tasks were completerd in a record amount of time. Invested time, effort and financial resources invested in the preparation and implementation of the system have been confirmed by the certificate issued. With this certificate we have proved that the system is successfully implemented. Our customers, business partners and other market participants can be sure that the introduced system has been fully implemented and that it works well.

We decided to introduce the environmental management system into our company to show our customers, business partners and future customers that the company’s business is regulated to the smallest detail and with the company Varga Electronik they receive a reliable and certified partner. Environmental management system according to ISO 14001 company proves the company’s concern for the environment and its preservation for future generations.

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