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AluDOOR – The new generation of enclosure

IP66, 67, 69K

aluDOOR enclosures are a further development of the unique series aluCASE.  This enclosure has an unmistakable progressive design. They are the modern, contemporary „packaging“ for innovative industrial electronics.

The integration of true hinges without additional expenditure has been implemented successfully in the new series. After the „mounting“ of the lid and the fixation with the securing screws, they turn into „compact cabinets“ with stainless steel screws and stainless steel threaded bushings. Even under extreme operating conditions, this arrangement ensures an absolutely safe and permanent closure technology.

aluDOOR enclosures are available either with recesses in the lid for the installation of membrane keypads (ADF) or with a flat lid (ADO).

Finally, the installation level of the enclosures is covered by design covers made of aluminium coated silver matt, providing an unparalleled design. All enclosures have domes in bottom sections and lids for the secure fastening of installations.


  • Enclosure sizes : 10 – with 2 lid variants: ADF = Series with recess in the lid and ADO = Series with flat lid
  • Further information
    • Integrated hinge function on side D with 2 securing screws (A2, self-forming)
    • Captive lid secured with two screws
    • Fastening with closed enclosure
    • Clip-on design covers, coated silver matt
    • Opening angle of the lid max. 100°
  • Enclosure:
    • Die cast aluminium alloy
    • EN AC-44300 DIN EN 1706
    • (GD Al Si 12/DIN 1725)
    • 1° mould slope for casting ejection > Internal circumference dimensions decrease by 1° towards enclosure base
  • Fastening: Separate screw channels
  • Internal mountings: Fastening domes with M5 thread on the enclosure bottom and in the lid
  • Ingress protection: IP66, 67 / EN 60529, IP69K / ISO 20563
  • Gasket:
    • Foamed, polyurethane (PUR)
    • Optional: Silicone seal
    • Optional: EMC gasket
  • Surface:
    • Powder coating, RAL 7016
    • Design covers, silver matt powder coating
    • Optional: Special colours
    • Optional: Corrosion protection
  • Lid screws: Stainless steel 1.4567, M5 with TX25, captive
  • Lid fastening thread: Casting sleeves, stainless steel A2
  • Hinge: Securing screws M5 self-forming for hinge attachment