The split cable entry with certified protection up to IP68

Routing various cables with one single cable entry The KVT-ER series from icotek is the right choice when you need to route cables with connectors into enclosures, control panels and machines with the certified sealing rate of up to IP66/IP68 and UL type 4X. Request your free product sample ›› Zbog dosljedne podjele, utikače nije potrebno makivati. Jamstvo na predterminirane kabele ostaje i vrijeme montaže je skraćeno. Razdjelna kabelska uvodnica za kablove bez konektora Serija KVT iz icoteka omogućuje usmjeravanje kabela sa i bez konektora s certificiranom stopom brtvljenja IP54 i UL tipa 12. Oni nude veliku gustoću kabela i širok izbor kabelskih uvodnica. Request your free product sample ›› Configure your unique…

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Absolute electronic insulating gas density measurement based on the oscillating quartz principle

Starting in the mid-90s, Trafag introduced gas density sensors. They are the first choice when continuous and long-term, drift-free insulating gas density measurement and data acquisition are required. Exposure of an oscillating quartz to gases of different densities causes a shift and damping of the resonant frequency. The insulating gas densities of SF6 as well as those of alternative insulating gases can thus be measured directly and electronically. The operational reliability and operational safety of gas-insulated high-voltage switchgear can only be guaranteed if the required gas density in the pressure compartments is maintained. Leakage would endanger the safety of the switchgear and at the same time violate environmental regulations. SF6 in particular is…

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NAI 8273 IO-Link Pressure Transmitter and Switch

NAI 8273 IO-Link Main features Pressure measuring accuracy 0.3 %, 0.5 % Media and device temperature measurement COM3, min. process cycle time 1 ms 2 Switching outputs PNP/NPN configurable Optional: 5-fold overpressure resistance About The NAI 8273 IO-Link pressure transmitter is designed as a smart sensor and provides application-relevant information in addition to the process data. The process data contains the pressure value and the media temperature, which is measured directly at the exceptionally long-term stable thin-film-on-steel pressure sensor cell. The small sensor dimension combined with the pressure and temperature value of the media make the NAI 8273 the ideal choice in various applications. For the use of the conventional switching outputs, the…

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How do medical power supplies help protect patients and hospital staff?

In medical technology, the protection of patients and hospital staff has top priority. For this reason, medical power supplies are subject to strict requirements regarding safety, reliability and EMC. In this blog article you will find out how medical technology can benefit from the experience gained in machine building and system engineering. Power supplies have to convert voltage as safely and efficiently as possible, while ensuring smooth operation over many years and in the tightest of spaces. Although this is a principle that applies to medical technology and to machine building alike, it is the industrial engineering segments where standard power supplies that meet these requirements are much more widespread. In turn, this…

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High-precision monitoring of the insulating gas density with reference gas comparison

High-precision monitoring of the insulating gas density with reference gas comparison The reference gas comparison principle was developed and patented by Trafag in the 1980s - and has become the leading industry standard for insulating gas density monitoring in high-voltage technology. If density monitoring must meet high requirements for reliability, accuracy, stability and durability, there is no way around is this fully temperature-compensated principle. Gas density monitoring: temperature compensation is a must Density measurement in pressurized, gas-insulated chambers is all about physics, because pressure, density and temperature have a specific relationship. The relationship is defined by isochores (constant change of state) for each specific insulating gas. The insulating performance of a gas-insulated chamber…

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Luminaires for control panels, machinery & server racks

ALLIOLiGHT - Efficient industrial LED lighting systems The ALLIOLiGHT system luminaires provide effective lighting in enclosures for industrial and IT applications. Over 30 years of experience in the field of luminaires and accessories as well as renowned customers from all over the world guarantee the highest quality – made in Germany. Watch the video Borrow a sample now ALLIOLiGHT system luminaires for every application TUBE ALU-LINE ALLIO TPS Robust machine luminaire with the highest quality standards / IP67 - The TUBE system luminaire provides effective lighting for machinery and equipment, with M12 connectors for standardised connection. Innovative LED lighting for industry and IT applications - The ALU-LINE system luminaires provides effective lighting in enclosures…

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eSIGN – a new dimension of signalling

The new benchmark for industrial signalling The new eSIGN signal tower is a breakthrough and a clear sign of Werma's continual technological progress: this signal tower sets new standards in terms of individuality and flexibility with full-surface signalling, robust industrial design and impressive features. Simply the best signal tower ever! eSIGN – a visible sign of continual progress As early as 1994, Werma established a global industry standard with the launch of their KombiSIGN signal tower. And this standard has just been upgraded: the eSIGN is the next generation that will define the future of signal towers. Impressive features, supreme compatibility and an industrial design that combines functionality with style and durability. The new…

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Schlegel panel socket

Fast and versatile: Schlegel has expanded his panel socket range by two variants with the practical M12 connection for the 22.3 mm panel opening. The connections are A-coded and designed as a 4- or 5-pin socket on the front. On the back, the connection is made via an open cable end (strands). The M12 built-in sockets can be used in a temperature range from -25° C to 80° C (-5° C to 80° C with moving use). In addition to the built-in sockets with a silver-colored front frame, this is now also available in black or made of stainless steel. If you want to know more - click here:

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AluDOOR – The new generation of enclosure

IP66, 67, 69K aluDOOR enclosures are a further development of the unique series aluCASE.  This enclosure has an unmistakable progressive design. They are the modern, contemporary „packaging“ for innovative industrial electronics. The integration of true hinges without additional expenditure has been implemented successfully in the new series. After the „mounting“ of the lid and the fixation with the securing screws, they turn into „compact cabinets“ with stainless steel screws and stainless steel threaded bushings. Even under extreme operating conditions, this arrangement ensures an absolutely safe and permanent closure technology. aluDOOR enclosures are available either with recesses in the lid for the installation of membrane keypads (ADF) or with a flat lid (ADO). Finally,…

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Push-in relay socket family

COMPACT. CONVENIENT. UNIQUE With the compact push-in relay socket family for tool-free DIN rail mounting, ComatReleco offers a new alternative to existing products with a space saving of up to 25%. High integration density in the control cabinet and fast wiring are essential prerequisites for innovative and economically attractive installation solutions. Solid wires, stranded wires or crimped stranded wires with conductor cross-sections in the range of 0.34 mm2 to 2.5 mm2 can be plugged into to 2 individual terminals per pole. A2 jumpers allow connection between all push-in socket variants. 2-pole and 4-pole potential bridge bars reduce the cost of wiring. The commercially available printable 11 mm marking strip simplifies relay labelling. The…

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Werma: Intelligent signal technology – for the world of today and tomorrow

Werma signal technology is one of the world’s leading companies producing optical and audible signal devices and process optimization systems: our signal devices warn, guide and protect people around the world. Our solutions make working environments safe, processes more efficient and protect people employed on machines, at manual workstations, in factory halls or working on buildings. Clever solutions that just work – this has been WERMA’s goal for decades. Customers from our region and around the world verify this every day.Marquardt with pride. “We set the standards for modern signal technology and define its future: our modular signal tower has been the industry standard for almost 30 years and today we develop networked,…

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Sensor Actuator Cables - The Largest Selection Available Murrelektronik offers one of the largest cordset lineups on the market for connecting sensors and valves. Many of these are in stock or they can be produced within 48 hours of receipt of your order – even if you just need one piece. High Quality and Feature Rich From 1 piece 100% factory tested Gold plated contacts IP67 rated as standard Shock and vibration resistant UL, CSA certified cable types UL 2238 certified assemblies International Approvals

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NEW available! AutoUpdate functionality for coolcept fleX XL inverters

We are pleased to inform you that the AutoUpdate functionality is now available for our complete range of coolcept fleX XL inverters.The corresponding firmware with this functionality will now go into series production and will be available for you in parallel as an update in our download area shortly.(Version: MC 1.46 / IOC 1.45 / UI 01.18): can choose between "Manual update", "Inform about new updates" and "Automatic updates".How do you activate "automatic updates"? For new installations on units that are already equipped with UI01.18 at the factory, the system update method is queried during the initial start-up.Here, "AutoUpdate" is already marked in advance and only needs to be confirmed. activation via…

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Lack of space? No problem!

Lack of space? No problem!The KEL-E1 fits into the smallest gap and, despite its small size, offers the possibility of routing a maximum cable diameter of 17 mm or up to 4 cables of a maximum diameter of 6 mm. This allows cables with and without connectors to be routed, strain-relieved and sealed with up to IP54 and UL Type 12. Space-saving and compact design Can be fitted with small KT grommets Increased packing density using double or quadruple grommets Cut-out size 21 x 27 mm (matching metal punch E1 available) Request your free product sample ›› A patented and split system for easy cable entryThe KEL-E cable entry frames are part of…

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Colorful and bright: LED recessed light 241 Multicolour from Werma

Mit der neuen LED-Einbauleuchte Multicolour 241 (kurz MC35) von Werma kann der Anwender mit nur einer Leuchte gleich mehrere Zustände signalisieren – und zwar mit bis zu sieben Farben. Die kompakte Leuchte verfügt über die für die USA erforderliche UL-Zulassung sowie die hohe Schutzart IP69k. Damit ist der Einsatz unter extremen Bedingungen sowie rund um den Globus möglich. The MC35 LED installation beacon combines a bright and eye-catching illuminated surface with excellent visibility and robustness. It has a diameter of 35 mm and stands out 33 mm from the surface when installed. This makes it a good choice wherever installation space is limited. The compact signaling device offers up to seven colors in…

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Non-Contact Access-Control Barriers Improve Ergonomics in Leather Production

Customer Values Improved workplace ergonomics without compromising safety standards Increased productivity arising from unimpeded loading and unloading No changes required to cleaning process as sensors are sealed to IP69K Industry-standard interface requires little modification to control systems Specific Product Advantages IP69K protection allows operation in hostile environments Non-contact operating principles with manual or automatic restart Excellent safety rating to EN ISO13849-1 (Category 4, PL e) and IEC 64196-1 and -2 (Type 4) Rugged optoelectronic sensor with aluminum housing and metal cable connector Customer Application  Drum dyeing is an important process in the manufacture of leather goods. During operation, a large metal dyeing drum rotates continuously, with production staff relying on steel-mesh safety guards…

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Strain relief acc. to EN 62444 for a secure cable management

ZL strain relief plates The strain relief plate ZL is used for static or dynamic applications for organising and securing cables on machines, control panels or drag chains. The design of the strain relief unit provides secure strain relief according to EN 62444. Mount of the cables or pneumatic tubing is easily done using cable ties. By using aluminium (ZL-AB types) or brass (ZL-MS types) nuts for the screw holes, a better fit of the strain relief plate is achieved, even in high vibration environments. Strain relief plates ZL 03 | 04 | 05 feature different comb widths. Thus providing a multi-purpose product for various cable sizes. For multilayer installation please use DH…

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Components of a pressure transmitter

A pressure transmitter measures the physical quantity of pressure in liquids or gases and provides the measured value as an electrical signal. The interactive graphic on this page guides you to the most important information about the key elements of a pressure transmitter: In addition to the main functional design elements, these are the interfaces to the environment, the most important criteria for selecting a proper pressure transmitter and the most important performance characteristics. The core elements of a pressure transmitter are the measuring cell, i.e. the sensor in the closer sense, the process connection; the electronics for signal processing; the electrical connection as well as the enclosing housing. Trafag pressure sensors are…

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FIEPOS – IP54, IP65 and IP67 field power supplies

The decentralized FIEPOS power supplies with high protection classes IP54, IP65 or IP67 were developed for flexible use directly in the field. 300W or 500WFor 1-phase or 3-phase systems IP54, IP65 or IP67Reliable protection against dust and water Eco-friendly design Current-limited outputsSelective power distribution and protection LED interfaceImmediate diagnosis in the field FIEPOS magazine Decentralization.Field power supplies. The need for flexible, modular systems shapes machine and system engineering. Decentralization of the system components has proven to be an important factor for success. It speeds up system planning, simplifies maintenance and enables an easy expansion of the system. In addition, control cabinets can be replaced by smaller versions or even completely dismantled. With FIEPOS,…

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EMC-KEL-U | Split EMC cable entry frames

for shielding cables with connectors The EMC cable entry frames EMC-KEL-U are based on the KEL-U and KEL-E. Due to a conductive surface, disturbances in the cable shields on the control cabinet can be easily dissipated. Field bound disturbances are derived by the metallisation. The cable entry system is easy to install. Cable grommets are placed into compartments and are securely fixed to the frame during assembly. The EMC-KEL-U frames match exactly the cut-out dimensions for 16- and 24-pin standard industrial connectors. Either a cut-out of 36 mm or 46 mm in height can be chosen depending on the cables being routed. The single-row versions EMC-KEL-E are particularly suited for flat connectors. The…

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